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Win Prizes by Onboxing yourself!

What is Onboxing? Every Friday afternoon on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, we recreate a board game or RPG cover...badly. With only average cosplay, terrible props and enthusiastic gamers, we relive the greatest games ever made for your entertainment.

onboxing Guillotine

It's easy to Onbox - just pick a feature of a cover you love, grab a phone camera a strike a pose. That Roman Centurion's Helm? Totally a broom on your head. The Palace of a Mad King? Make it out of Lego. Those Cowboys? You and your friends wearing teatowels. There are no rules, just the goal of entertainment.

onboxing Cat Lady

Now, we're flipping the script. To celebrate the release of our new game, Guild Master (currently on Kickstarter - go check it out if you're not already a backer!), we're asking you to Onbox us! 

onboxing mtg masters

Below is the cover image for Guild Master - recreate it, or any part of it for us, in true Onboxing fashion and you'll have the chance to win a copy of the game upon release! We'll be giving away a copy of each of our other games - Unfair and Monstrous - as runner-up prizes.

guild master box

To enter, send your Onboxing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before September 20, 2018. Prizes go to the Onboxing that gives us the best laugh - and you can believe that we'll be putting them out on Friday afternoons at 4pm, just like every other Onboxing!

onboxing civ

This competition is open to anyone who can nominate a Good Games store near them to pick up their prize from if they win and who has a sense of humour. Good Luck, Onboxers!

onboxing mordenkainen

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