Magic Fest Sydney wrapped up hot on the heels of the Ravnica Allegiance release. MagicFest is a new name for the weekend-long Magic festivities, with exclusive Magic swag available at vendors, artists, professional play and events firing all weekend long. The main event though: Grand Prix Sydney.

Ah, l’amour!

As we once again approach Cupid’s Birthday, we at Good Games come together to spend quality time with our loved ones- primarily over some very good games.

Good Games was proud to help raise close to $2,000 for the Australian Literacy and Numeracy foundation at Sydney MagicFest last weekend.

Last week, I spoke about how A Song Of Ice And Fire is due to fill the aching void that Warhammer Fantasy left in rank-and-flank wargaming. While Age of Sigmar won't scratch your rank-and-flank itch, the latest edition offers the most visceral and tactical sword-and-sorcery tabletop warming experience the hobby has ever known.

When Games Workshop literally blew up the Old World of Warhammer Fantasy, The Age of Sigmar began with mixed reviews from fans and long-time gamers.