Modern Horizons is one of the strangest, most powerful sets to be released in a very long time, and we aren’t far away from seeing its potentially huge impact on the Modern format. Cards in MH1 are looking to be a perfect mix of power, nostalgia and just plain weird, which is fantastic!

Here at Good Games, it's no secret that we're huge fans of KeyForge.

The worlds of the Age of Sigmar are some of my favourite places to hang out.

Thanks to our friends at WizKids, I've now got another game exploring this marvellous setting.

National Dungeons & Dragons Day is almost upon us!

This week, hundreds of adventurers across the country will be thrust into their first fantastical tale sword and sorcery!

Magic players all around the world rejoiced, as we Commenced the Endgame at the War of the Spark Prereleases!