Pathfinder is known in the market for three things: For having a very complex, mathematical, rules-heavy system; secondly, for being the system to play if you want the deepest character customisation available, and lastly; for having a very complex, mathematical, rules-heavy system.

Last weekend saw the 52nd annual GenCon descend upon the quaint little middle American town of Indianapolis, Indiana. 

Sometimes, not often, I’ll play a game and a mechanic will stand out to me as so brilliant, my only reaction is to wonder why nobody has thought of it in the last 25 years.

My relationship with the Age of Sigmar has always been a bit two-pronged.

Deep within the sewers beneath New York City, in the darkest tunnels that people have forgotten, something is spawning. Twisting and turning in the dark. Slouching toward the light- waiting to be born. 

The BPRD is on the case.