Magic: The Gathering

Earning points to qualify for my store champs

How many points do I need? 100 points

How do I earn points? All sanctioned Magic events completed March 1 – September 30 with an entry fee award points towards qualification for that stores championship

That seems a lot of points: We have set this threshold to ensure that a player who really want to qualify to play in their store championship has a realistic opportunity.

That doesn’t seem many points: We have set this threshold to ensure most players who really want to qualify have that opportunity.

How many points does each event award? It depends, how good are you?

  • All Casual events award 1 participation point.

  • Other events award 1 participation point, 3 points for each win and 1 point per draw.

Are points transferable to other stores? No, the points you earn in store stay in that store.

I played in an event in store, but I didn’t get my points, what’s up? Only completed events that have been submitted to Good Games admin team can be counted. If players feel they have not received points for an event they participated in, they should, in the first instance contact the store.

Magic: The Gathering Store championship

When will these be held? Stores will be scheduling their store championship event during the weekend of October 5-6, 2019

What is the format? This will be determined by the store.

Is there an entry fee? No, but only qualified players may compete.

What are the prizes? The winner becomes store champion for a year following their victory. As champion their name will be engraved into the stores perpetual championship shield and they will receive free constructed FNM for a year and 1 free Pre-Release flight per release. Other players will share in a big pot of boosters.

I work near Good Games (X) and live by Good Games (Y) and I earned 100 points in both stores. Can I play in both championships? No. A player may only play in one store championship. Once they play they are ineligible to play in another championship. 

Additional notes

Good Games reserves the right to publish player decklists and to use the likeness of Store Champions and other players for marketing purposes.

Good Games employees are prohibited from competing in store championship events.

Event details are subject to change.