As we’ve said in previous articles, there are numerous flavours of TTPRG, and not all of them require many hours and sessions of overall playtime. Often, they’re a great filler game for between campaigns, or something a little lighter or more accessible to new players than some of the more popular games.

We thought we’d highlight a few games that are new for us here at Good Games that we absolutely love – and believe you will love too!



apocalypseworldFirst on our list of highlights is the super influential Apocalypse World!

As the name might suggest, Apocalypse World takes place… after the apocalypse. One of the things that makes this game really special is that the setting is not locked in – you actually expand on the setting and flesh it out along with your players during character creation. This means that not two games of Apocalypse World will strictly be set during the same version of the apocalypse.

Additionally, the Game Master (referred to as the ‘Master of Ceremonies’), is explicitly told NOT to do any preparation before the first session. This allows the players more freedom to establish the setting, and just where their characters stand and who they are.

The system Apocalypse World uses (where you roll 2D6 and add a stat and try to get higher than 10), is super fluid and very quick to understand – so much so that it has gone on to be used directly in many other games, now referred to as “Powered By The Apocalypse.”

While the post-apocalypse setting is not new to the TTRPG industry, Night Witches does it in the most accessible and interesting fashion.



monsterhearts2Talking about games that are a complete 180 from most of the TTRPG’s we think about and play most often, Monster Hearts 2 is truly unique.

Players take on the roles of sexy, angsty monsters (often in high school or college), and explore all the horror of unrequited love, growing up and maybe a monster hunter or two (that bit is usually up to the GM).

This is ultimately a game about relationships and romance, as seen through a Whedonesque lens or metaphor, as so many of us can often feel like monsters as we grew up and went through our first heart aches and lost loves.

The system is Powered By The Apocalypse, so it’s very easy to learn.

The game is about messy relationships, emergent narrative and puts a big focus on player choices. If you’re a fan of paranormal romance, Twilight, The Craft or Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, then Monster Hearts 2 is something for you to try out!



fiascoThe game inspired by bad-choice road movies where a bunch of weird and wacky characters that make plans only to see them go horrible awry, FIASCO is one of the most off-the-wall TTRPGs on the market – it is such a departure from what we find familiar, and breaks down the walls between dice rolling, and improvisational theatre.

In FIASCO, there is no Game Master. You start by choosing a Playset, which might be something like ‘Suburbia’ or ‘The Wild West’, and from there you roll a bunch of dice to determine who each of the characters are, things about the setting, interesting tid-bits, roleplaying hooks and desires.

The narrative is very emergent. As players take it in turns to run their scenes, the characters come into their own, and halfway through the game you roll on a ‘tilt’ table to determine just what is going to go wrong – but maybe not how.

FIASCO can evoke the same sense of comedy across a wide subgenre. One game may be reminiscent of Fargo, while another will play far more similarly to that plot of something like Superbad.

If you’re into TTRPGs for roleplaying, and those laugh-out-loud moments, then FIASCO is your new best friend.



nightwitchesFrom the author or FIASCO comes something… completely different.

Night Witches is a game about the night bomber regiment in WWII that was made up entirely of some 200 women who flew out-dated biplanes and bombed the Germans for 1,100 consecutive nights. The Germans called them the Nachthexen, or “Night Witches.”

Night Witches is a game about heroism and sacrifice, that is written to honour the women who did it for real.

Like Monster Heart 2, Night Witches is Powered By The Apocalypse, which means it has a very simple 2D6 system. Where it differs is how the gameplay switches between day and night, with different player moves for each. One moment, you’ll be building up emotional and dramatic relationships with your fellow witches, and the next you’ll be experiencing all the adrenalin of dropping railroad tiles on the Nazis.

Night Witches proves to be a title that allows you to ask some heady questions, and no doubt tell an emotional, impactful and likely harrowing story based on fact.


These are just a few of the title recently added to the Good Games online catalogue for TTRPGs. The world of roleplaying games is so deep and so diverse, you owe it to yourself and you play group to try something new and exciting!

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