These carefully curated titles will be sure to cover your bases. Whether you’re buying for a family, a child, or a seasoned tabletop enthusiast, we guarantee you’ll find something on this list that is perfect for the geeky loved ones in your life.


Fairy Season

fairy season boxOne of the latest titles from our friends at Good Game Publishing, Fairy Season is a perfect stocking stuffer!

Fairy Season is a card game where players do their darndest to capture a flock of fairies, all while navigating the ever-changing seasons, and the darstardly ploys of their fellow goblins.

It’s an ideal game for families, and for board game groups looking for a title to fill the gaps between sessions of longer games.

You can read more about Fairy Season here!



 Just One

Winner of the 2019 Speil des Jahres, Just One is a cooperative party game where players work together to discover thirteeen mystery words.

Packed with great components like dry-erase markers and excellently designed cards that allow you to quickly mark down and identify the mystery words, Just One presents a wealth of fresh mechanics that set it apart from the ever growing sub-genre of word games.

Just One is a title ideal for the tabletop gamer who enjoys playing in big groups, finding synonyms, or a fan of titles like Code Names who feel like branching out into something fresh.


Marvel: Champions

While we all experienced the End Game this year, the stories of earth’s mightiest heroes continue on your tabletop with Marvel: Champions!

A new living card game from fan-favourite published FFG, Marvel: Champions sees players take on the role of their favourite Avenger, build a deck unique to that character, and then work with their fellow heroes to thwart the fiendish plot of the villain.

Marvel: Champions is the perfect game for the superhero fanatic in your life, as well as for tabletop gamers who enjoy tough cooperative experiences, and the chance to build and customise their own deck.

You can read more about Marvel: Champions here!


Azul: Summer Pavilion

azul boxSequel to the winner of the 2018 Spiel des Jahres, Azul: Summer Pavilion hit stores earlier this year.

Players are trying to complete a pavilion for the royal family of Portugal. To do so, they’ll take it in turns to draft tiles, and gain points for placing them, sequencing their tiles, and of course, completing the designs on their player boards.

Azul: Summer Pavilion is an ideal title for those who prefer only a modicum of interaction, as well as strategists who enjoying finding the most efficient avenue to victory. 

You can read more about Azul: Summer Pavilion here!




From the team who brought us amazing games such as Scythe and Wingspan comes the epic civilisation game, Tapestry!

In Tapestry, players will craft a unique timeline of their own civilsation, developing their people along one or more advancement tracks like Culture, Engineering, Science and Navigation. No two games of Tapestry will ever be alike!

Tapestry is an ideal game for players who enjoy long, in-depth experiences, and extremely satisfying engine-building mechanics. Packed to the brim with premoum components, Tapestry is a gift for that extra-special tabletop enthusiast in your life.

Read more about Tapestry here


Century: The New World

Following on from Century: Spice Road and Century: Eastern Wonders, Century: A New World is the final game in this ongoign series of trade, economics, and history.

What’s especiallty exciting about Century: A New World, are the unique mechanics that allow you to combine it with either or both of its predecessors to make for a completely seperate and fully rewarding experience. 

Century: A New World makes for a great gift for fans of the previous games in the line, but also for tabletop gamers who are interested in seeing something new.



The break-out hit from GenCon 2018, Villainous sucked us back into a world of pantomime evil again this year with the release of two new expansions.

In Villainous, players take on the role of the most sinister baddies from our favourite Disney cartoons, and with Wicked To The Core and Evil Comes Prepares, you’ll now be able to play as the Evil Queen from Snow White & The Seven Dwarves, as well as fan-favourite Scar from The Lion King.

Villainous makes for an excellent gift for the Disney fan in your life, while also a great addition to the family shelf in your board game library, offering an experience the parents can enjoy just as much as the kids.


Mediummedium 2

Unlock your psychic potential with the premium stocking-stuffer, Medium!

In this cooperative party game, players will split into teams of two and use their hand of word cards to psychically connect with the team-mate and reveal the hidden word! If it sounds strange, that’s because it is- but the first time you succesfully mind-meld with your teammate, it’s the most satisfying feeling you’ll ever have at the tabletop!

Medium is the perfect title for gamers who love playing in a group, or for those who are itching for a chance to prove just how well they know their best friend of significant other.

You can read more about Medium here!


 We hope that our holiday shopping list has allowed you to cut down on time spent at the bustling stores so you can head on home, brew a cup of Hot Chocolate and spend more valuable time with your loves ones at the tabletop.

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