We asked a whole bunch of staff across Good Games who their favourite Commander was – and honestly, this kind of information can be more valuable than a 6 month employee evaluation! 

You can learn a lot about someone just from their choice of Commander – and maybe you’ll find one you’d like to try out! 

So, let’s get this underway!

Livinia1.  Lavinia, Azorius Renegade

“There are two types of EDH players, those who love playing Magic the Gathering with their friends, and dirty cheaters.
If your local pod has too many of the latter, Lavinia, Azorius Renegade may be your new (and after you play it, only) friend.

With her Azorius identity granting you access to a veritable arsenal of “No, I’d rather not” cards, Lavinia lets you experience Magic as Garfield truly intended.
 Lavinia is best enjoyed by refined scholars, budding rules lawyers, and those attempting to get to Level 2 Judge.”
– Danny Wang, eCommerce Manager


2. Jenara, Asura of War

“I love the flavour of Jenara leading my army of Bant, full of soldiers, knights, and angels. She can deploy early with flying and good stats to help in combat, she scales well with the game, and you’ve never got nothing to do with your mana – you can always just dump it into her ability to make her a game ending threat! As well she has beautiful art, and gives you plenty of flexibility in deck building.

Jenara is good for any player looking to have a commander that the deck isn’t completely dependent on to function, but can also close out the game effectively when needed. She doesn’t completely dictate your deckbuilding style so you have the freedom to take it where you want, but she can also inspire plenty of builds – tribal angels, +1/+1 counters, or equipment, to name a few (that is a mighty big sword she’s carrying after all). Everything you want in your “goodstuff” commander!”

Brendon Clark, Sydney Area Manager

3. Chainer, Dementia Master

“The very first magic deck I built was a 140 card, mono black deck with 15 terrors, 12 unholy strengths and my prized possession 1 Nightmare. It was very natural for me to gravitate toward a black commander deck!

Since it’s a mono coloured deck, it means that you don’t need to focus on getting your colour combinations right. Instead, you look at key cards that can take advantage of this – Devotion, Cabal Coffers…. Nightmare!”

– Grady Chiu, Operations Manager


Omnath4. Omnath, Locus of the Roil

“I play Omnath in Elementals deck and of all my commander decks it is the ‘fairest’ and funnest to play. 

There are many different Elemental creatures in Red, Blue and Green throughout Magic history so there were heaps of options to choose from. This is a Themed deck, everything in the deck has to do with Elementals.
I think people that enjoy building Commander around a theme would enjoy this.”
– Glenn Doyle, Franchise Manager & Organised Play Coordinator
“I use Dovin as an accelerator in my blue/white flying deck and their backstory is cool!
Anyone that wants to accelerate an aggro blue/white deck will love this card!”
– Samuel Scander, Good Games Top Ryde
“A versatile creature that allows for quite a lot of engines, synergies and outlets!
Quick thinking, adaptive, players who grow bored of assembling the same game plan over and over will love Selvala!”
– William Oey, Good Games Hurtsville
“Playing a control deck that utilises not needing to actually attack anyone to win a game means I can easily react to upcoming threats

Players who like planning ahead and lying in wait will get around Phenax, for sure.”
– Paul Kite, Good Games Cannington
8. ??????
“My favourite commander dosen’t exist yet!
Maybe when she gets out of the moon i will finally have my 5 colour devoid emarkul commander for a TRUE eldrazi EDH deck!
What kind of player will enjoy them? Hrmm… eldrazi have a pretty wide appeal so everyone!”
– Chrisopher Herden, Good Games Newcastle 
So there you have it –  a sampling of some of our favourite Commanders! Did yours make the list? Let us know!