Join us now as we count down the 5 most exciting things coming in 2020!


Theros: Beyond Deathbeyond death

In 2017, we were introduced to a world of Greek mythology when the original Theros block hit Magic: The Gathering. True to form, we’re all set to return to the plane of gods and monsters in just a few weeks!

Spoilers have already begun, showcasing some of the most exciting cards we’ve seen for a while- and many of us are excited to learn more about the story of Theros. How have things have changed over the years on the plane where Elspeth met her untimely end at the hand of the Sun God Heliod?

Prerelease events are happening at Good Games stores all over Australia and in the United States on the weekend of the 18th and 19th of January, so get in contact today and preregister!


Psychic AwakeningWarhammer 40,000: Psychic Awakening

Four years ago, the galaxy of the 41st millenium was catapulted forward when the Eye of Terror tore open, splitting the galaxy in twain at the hands of Abaddon the Despoiler and his legion of Traitor Astartes.

Going into 2020, the event continues with the release of the Psychic Awakening books, telling the stories of a galaxy at eternal war, and expanding many of the codices and army options across the scope of the game,

The galaxy of Warhammer 40,000 is building to something exciting- we can all feel it in the warp! We can’t wait to see what the conclusion of Psychic Awakening brings in the next few months.

You can preorder all the Psychic Awakening books and accompanying releases at your local Good Games store.



GG Article Banner ggc2020The Good Games Championship

In 2020, The Good Games Championship returns and its bigger than ever!

The year-long event began on January 1st, and over the course of the year players will accrue points when they participate in any sanctioned Magic: The Gathering or Yu-Gi-Oh! event at a Good Games store.

This year Good Games is also offering premium weekend events for Magic with the Good Games Premier Series which will offer pathways to the prestigious Player’s Tour!

Even if making it big in the world of competitive Magic isn’t for you, you’ll continue to be rewarded for playing sanctioned matches in-store with our tiered prize structure which will unlock new and exciting prizes the more points you get!

Be sure to check out our full details of the 2020 GGC, and ask the manager at your local Good Games store any questions you may have!


gencon 2020GenCon 2020 

The Best Four Days In Gaming is happening again at the tail end of July in Indianapolis, Indiana.

The biggest tabletop gaming convention in the world, GenCon was started by co-creator of Dungeons & Dragons, Gary Gygax, in his back yard over 50 years ago.

Year to year, GenCon continues to grow, seeing some 80,000 attendees, game developers, retailers and influencers descend on the city in the summertime.

GenCon is always ground zero for new and exciting announcements in the world of tabletop. Fantasy Flight Games always delights and surprises, such as with their announcement of KeyForge in 2018, and our very own Good Games Publishing launched their title Fluttering Souls which sold out at GenCon 2019.

We can’t wait to see what’s in store for not just us, but all of the table top world, at GenCon 2020!


dD dayNational D&D Day 2020

Last year, Good Games broke new ground when we declared May 18th to be National dungeons & Dragons Day in Australia!

The celebration of the world’s best roleplaying game saw hundreds of new and veteran players attend their local Good Games store to paint a mini and play their first session of D&D- absolutely free!

In 2020, we’re pleased to announce that National D&D Day will be returning- and we’ve got some exciting things in store for the event this May- so stay excited and stay tuned to Good Games on social media!


Those are the top 5 things we’re excited for in 2020. What about you?

As always, be sure to follow Good Games on social media so as not to miss any announcements, and get on down to your local Good Games store and join in on all the fun!