We’re off to an exciting start to the year, especially for Magic, now that we’ve announced the upcoming Magic Premier Series- a brand new path to the Player’s Tour for Australian Magicians!

The first Magic Premier Series event is being held in Melbourne in early March- tickets are already on sale for both main events, so be sure to get yours now!

But first, let’s take a look at the current state of our Global Leaderboards!

Magic top8

The team in South Australia is really putting in work for this Top 8- but it’s the lone representative from Western Australia who is topping the global rankings right now.

A huge congratulations to Ben Ryan, who has become the first player in the world to qualify for both their local Good Games Store Championship, and the epic Good Games Player’s Championship held in Sydney at the end of the year.

Seeing as we’re barely 8 weeks into the new year, players like Ben are well on their way to racking up a full swathe of prizes by the end of 2020- including a $100 singles voucher, free entry to a MagicFest, and a whole Booster Box!

But, as we’ve said- it’s still early days, and if Ben wants to stay on the top of the Global Leaderboard, he’s going to have plenty of folks nipping at his heels.

While we don’t have ay representation from Victoria or Queensland in the Top 8, Terry Rex from QLD and Daniel Avram from VIC are currently tied on 125 points- just a few games of Magic away from crawling into that coveted Top 8!

It’ll be bragging rights galore for anyone who manages to get into our Global Top 8- not to mention being able to represent your store, your city, and your state!

But what about your country?

Yes- William Shook of Indianapolis, Indiana in the United States is currently in 19th place with 113 points!

William only has to win out at his next few weekly events and he’ll rocket past our top players form Melbourne and Brisbane to take his own slot in the Global Top 8.

And if that happens, we’ll be sure to congratulate William when we’re in the lovely city of Indianapolis for GenCon this summer.

Over on the Yu-Gi-Oh! side of the championship, our duellists are duking it out just as hard.

YGO top8

A big congratulations to Jack Hargreaves of Victoria who currently stands as the undisputed Global Champion!

But, for how long?

There is a good 30 points between Jack and the next closest competitor, Ryan Bews of New South Wales, who is sitting at 136.

It’s shaping up to be an epic 2020 for the Good Games Championship- and things are only going to get more and more spicy this time next month once we’ve seen the first Magic Premier Series come and go- giving a few hundred of our top Magic players a boost to their points over the two main events of that weekend.

Where do you currently stand in the Global Rankings for your favourite game?

Tag a friend who you’re beating and challenge them to a match next time you’re at Good Games!