Season Dates: April 26th through to June 6th

Season Championships Dates: 19th & 20th June

You will find all Good Games Championship events on our Events Calendar page here.



Each week of the season, your local Good Games store can run 1 Seasonal Championship Qualifier (for a total of 6 events per season). 

The Seasonal Championship Qualifier will be one of the following formats, chosen by the store: 




Sealed Deck

Booster Draft

Australian 7-point Highlander or ‘7PH’

The change here is adding ‘7PH’ to the list, which has had a large amount of growth in popularity both in player numbers and new communities around the country. We had many requests asking for this format to be included.

Entry Fees & Prizes

Constructed Entry Fees & Prizes: $20 Entry and $20 in retail value per player added to a pool

Sealed and Booster Draft Entry Fees & Prizes: Check with your local store. 

The top 4 of each of these events will also qualify for the Strixhaven Season Championships

The change here is allowing a bit more freedom for stores to award players prizes other than boosters. Some players, so your store may offer things like store credit or singles or other interesting items. The value stays the same.


At the end of the season, each store will run a Seasonal Championship.

This event is only open to those who qualified in the 6 events prior, so will have a player maximum of 24. 

Like the Qualifier events, the format of the Seasonal Championship will be chosen by the store. These events will have a slightly higher entry fee, and offer the following prize support: 

Constructed Entry Fees & Prizes: $25 Entry and $25 in retail value per player added to a pool

Sealed and Booster Draft Entry Fees & Prizes: Check with your local store 

The top 8 players from the Strixhaven Season Championship event will qualify for the end of year Store Championships Event!

In addition, we are sending out to each participating store a Strixhaven Season Championships Kit, which will contain additional prize support to add to your stores prize pool! Prizes may differ from season to season.

Again, the changes here are in more flexibility of types of prizes. The Kit isn’t actually new as you would have seen those for last season, but I thought I would mention them here as we added them in late for Kaldheim Season


A reminder that all top 8 competitors from each season also qualify for the end of year Store Championships event, date yet to be announced.

This is your chance to be immortalised on the Good Games Championship trophy at your favourite Good Games store!

Like the other events in this series, the format of each of the Good Games Store Championships will be decided by each individual store.

This event is only open to top 8 competitors of the Good Games Seasonal Championship, which will cap this event at 32. 

In addition to the prizes outlined by each individual store, the winner of each of these events will receive $1000 cash.

The dates of these events will be posted at the beginning of the Innistrad season, allowing you plenty of time to plan for the big day.


Pass Downs:

If a player in an event has already qualified for the next level, their qualification passes down to the next person in that event. Example: I qualified for Kaldheim Season Championships week 1 and then again in week 2, so my week 2 qualification passes down to the next player in the week 2 event.

Can I play in different stores?

Yes, you can play in any Good Games Season Qualifiers, Season Championships or Store Championships at any of our participating stores. However, as stores may have some conflicting dates you can only play in an event you can attend and so if multiple stores have events on the same day, you have to choose which one to attend. 

What Happens if I can’t make a Season Championships event?

Please speak to your local store but it is up to the players to make the event once they are qualified.

Larger off-site events:

We are monitoring closely the Covid-19 situation. There is room in the schedule for larger events, however our customers and staff well being comes first and so we want to be patient on this for the moment. We are keen to replicate the great events we were running such as the MCQ and Nationals style events in the future.