The format was Standard, and the store was abuzz with discussion on the brand new spoilers from the upcoming Modern Horizons 2 and Dungeon & Dragons Forgotten Realms sets as 17 enterprising players sat down to battle it out for the first set of qualifying places!

With a varied field of experienced regulars and brand new faces, the event also saw a diverse mix of decks being played.

Appearances from the previous season’s big decks such as Sultai Ultimatum, Dimir Rogues and Temur Adventure. The matches were an exciting mix of brutally quick back-and-forth’s and grinding ties as they battled against new comers such as Azorious Magecraft and other less expected decks such as 5-Colour Mutate.

However, by the end of the night it was Mono White that came out on top, with experienced player Eli Stalidzans winning the first qualifier with a 4-0 result and not a single game dropped!

The rest of the top 4 filled out with Gruul Aggro, Temur Adventures and Sultai Ultimatum.


Eli Stalidzans – winner
Chris Jamieson
Joshua Hilzinger
Ben Kemp

Eli Stalidzan’s mono-White:
4 Alseid of Life’s Bounty
3 Elite Spellbinder
4 Faceless Haven
4 Giant Killer
4 Luminarch Aspirant
4 Maul of the Skyclaves
2 Reidane, God of the Worthy
4 Seasoned Hallowblade
4 Selfless Savior
1 Shadowspear
4 Skyclave Apparition
20 Snow-Covered Plains
2 Legion Angel


2 Archon of Emeria
1 Drannith Magistrate
4 Glass Casket
1 Idol of Endurance
1 Shadowspear
2 Legion Angel
2 Glorious Protector
2 Archon of Absolution