At Good Games, we’re all about games (obviously!), new, old, re-vamped, re-skinned- if it’s a game, we’ll give it a whirl!

The world of tabletop games is vast, and seemingly endless. It can be pretty hard to narrow down just what is next on your horizon- and that’s where we come in! We’ve curated a list of some games due out in the coming months, sampled from an array of tabletop gaming styles, so hopefully we’ve got something for everyone. And who knows? Maybe one of these will stand out as a title you didn’t’ expect to be excited about!



Based on the famous Frank Herbert novel of the same name (and, we suppose, at least partially based on David Lynch film?), Dune sees players take on the roles of one of the several factions in the Dune universe.

You’ll navigate the map to try and gain space and control Dune, all the while dealing with your opponent’s military forces, wild, giant sandworms, and earth-shattering storms.

Dune is the kind of game that’s perfect for people who like politicking, back-stabbing, tenuous alliances and hidden bidding mechanics. It’s sure to evoke the sense of place so prevalent in the novel, while giving players who are less familiar with the source material an excellent game of strategy and cunning. 

Dune is coming from Gale Force Nine, and will be available at Good Games stores very soon! Preorder here.


Arkham Horror Final Hour

Showcased at GenCon this year, Fantasy Flight Games continue to take Arkham Horror- their take on the Cthulhu Mythos-, from strength to strength.

If like me, you’re a huge Mythos fan, you’ve likely really enjoyed games like Arkham Horror 3rd Edition and Arkham Horror: The Card Game. Now, FFG have stepped up their game with the upcoming Akham Horror: Final Hour!

Final Hour is designed to be played in an hour- you’re at the brink of the end of the world, and the investigators just have an hour to undo the evil eldritch entity, or have the world consumed in unending chaos.

Final Hour will make for a great game for people who are fans of the Mythos, but not the extended or ongoing playtime involved with the full Arkham Horror board game or LCG experience.

Arkham Horror: Final Hour is coming from Fantasy Flight games, and is due out in October. Preorder it here.


D&D Eberron: Rising From The Last War

Eberron is a classic campaign setting for Dungeons & Dragons, and with Eberron: Rising From The Last War, we get out first in-depth look at a world of airships, skyscrapers, lightning trains and intrigue as it sits in Fifth Edition!

Like the Sword Coast Guide before it, Eberron stands to present a pure adventure setting for D&D, from which you can draw countless character ideas and adveture hooks to populate Eberron with your own original stories.

The book is filled with maps of floating castles, outlines of unique locations, as well as an original campaign that sees players venture into the mist-cloaked Mournland!Perhaps most excitedly, the book includes rules for the Artificer Class- the first new class in D&D 5e since the Player’s Handbook!Eberron: Rising From The Last War is of course coming from Wizards of the Coast, and will be available in November.


Baba Yaga

Players must flee from the clutches of the hideous witch and her chicken-legged cabin in this family game based on the Russian folk tale!

In Baba Yaga, players are frantically searching for ingredients they need to cast spells on the titular witch in order to slow her flight path. Each player must find the ingredients for, and cast three of these spells in order to win- all the while hoping the witch doesn’t catch them in the act!

Baba Yaga includes variants to optimise the game for younger players, as well as make it more challenging for experienced player- this makes the game an ideal title for the board game library of a family home (or share house, I guess?)

Baba Yaga is coming from our friends at Iello, and will be available soon!

Preorder it now!


Keyforge: World’s Collide

It’s been over a year since Fantasy Flight Games dropped an atom bomb into the tabletop industry in an attempt to redefine what a card game could be. Since it’s release, we’ve seen KeyForge sprout an almost entirely new gaming community. With only a small percentage of players defecting from other games, KeyForge seems to be home largely to people new to the tabletop scene.

World’s Collide is the third set in FFG’s Unique Deck Game, and will for the first time introduce two brand new factions- which means new mechanics, new cards and of course, new lore!KeyForge: World’s Collide will also see the release of the first supplementary product, the Premium Box, which contains two decks, a chain dial, tuck boxes designed to hold sleeves decks, and of course one big storage box!KeyForge: World’s Collide is of course coming from FFG, and will be available in October.

You can preorder World’s Collide product here.


And that about does us for our list of upcoming games- there are of course many more, and Good Games have new titles on our shelves each and every week!

If you’re curious about what’s coming, or you want to preorder a new title, then don’t hesitate to get in contact with your local Good Games store!