Why Booster Boxes Are My Jam


Dogecoin? Bitcoin? Ethereum? Never heard of ‘em. Talk to me about a Jeweled Lotus or a foil Brazen Borrower though, and you

Why Booster Boxes Are My Jam2021-10-04T23:27:32-05:00

Modern on the Horizon


Before Modern Horizons 2 spoiler season officially starts, let's take a look back at the impact of the first Modern Horizons, what

Modern on the Horizon2021-10-04T23:27:33-05:00

How To Draft Strixhaven


Welcome to Constructed Limited Criticism! This week we depart from our scheduled constructed programming to dive into the wonderful world of Strixhaven draft. Whether you are new to drafting, new to Strixhaven, or just looking to get some insight into the format, I hope this article will help you get a leg up on the format.

How To Draft Strixhaven2021-10-04T23:27:33-05:00