Brian Holland

by Brian Holland

We’ve said before that mini painting is an excellent hobby that everyone should try, but when it comes to joining the hobby, it can be hard to know where to begin, especially when it comes to paint.

There are many brands out there, most of which are stocked at your local Good Games store. While there is something to be said for brand loyalty, since branching out and combining my paint collection with products and colours from various ranges, I’ve felt like my personal hobby game has really stepped up.

Every brand of paint brings something new to the table. Be it a certain shade that works well for you, a particular brush grip you can’t find elsewhere, or a putty applicator that makes gap-filling a dream.

Vallejo, a paint brand from Spain, has recently made its way to Good Games stores, and we couldn’t be more excited.

Vallejo has a colourful history (forgive the pun). Beginning life in the 60’s as a company that developed Film Colour paints (the kind used by animators to make cartoons), it then moved to Spain where it developed the first range of acrylic artist colours in the country.

vallejo model color 1The range of most interest to Good Games customers will be the Vallejo Model Colour and Game Colour selections.

Using matt and opaque acrylic colours with the absolute highest pigment concentration, these ranges are water-based and have been developed specifically for application with a brush.

Additionally, the Model Colour range includes many historically-accurate army colours, such as the German, Russian and USA WWII uniforms.

Vallejo paints, unlike many other brands, forgo the classic paint-pot in favour of a dropper bottle.

Dropper bottles are ideal, especially when working with a palette. They allow you to use only a small amount of paint at a time, leading to less wastage. They also prevent the paint in the bottle from drying up, as pot-paints can do when not carefully tended to.

For those of you who are true Mad Scientists of the Paint Age, you’ll be happy to know that dropper bottles are excellent for use with airbrushes. Being able to drop steadily the amount of paint you need directly into the brush means less paint will go to waste.

vallejo game color 1Gone will be the days of scooping paint (or god-forbid, pouring it), from a paint pot into your airbrush!

And if you do use an airbrush (or are thinking about diving into that next level of hobby), Vallejo has you covered with products from the additional range, including airbrush specific paints, and products like the Airbrush Flow Improver.

Due to the high pigment number and a water base, the Vallejo paint range has a very smooth consistency, often meaning that if and when you #ThinYourPaints, the water needed is minimal at best, and the dropper bottles allow the paint to maintain this consistency over a longer period of time.

One thing you’ll notice when you walk into Good Games and see the Vallejo stand for the first time, is the sheer number of desaturated shades. Many other brands will, for example, offer only one or perhaps two different shades of purple- The Vallejo Model Colour range alone has four, and that’s before you count the shades of other colours that are tinged.

Usually, painting and highlight black is a painful task that requires you to fool yourself into thinking that very very dark blue you just painted is actually black. The Vallejo range is wide enough that it makes painting and highlighting black not only easier, but gives the tone a more realistic look, too.

Having a wider range of desaturated colours means less time spent mixing, thinning and recording the process at your hobby table. Figuring out the stages of base-layer-highlight has never been easier, and you’ll save yourself a lot of mixing medium (although medium is still highly recommended for thinning paints to a more wash-like consistency).

This wide range of desaturated tones isn’t just limited to the Model Colour rack, either. The Game Colour range boasts more vibrant and fantasy-friendly colours that are sure to bring your Age of Sigmar or D&D miniatures to glorious life.  

vallejo weathering effects 1When working on the war-strewn battle fodder of the 41st Millenium, or just a Panzer 4 from WWII, weathering can take your hobby to the next level.

We’re so lucky, as hobbyists, to live in an age when companies like Vallejo develop products which I often refer to as ‘instant talent’. Gone are the days when a wargamer would have to follow a twelve-step guide that included sand and PVA glue just to make a realistic rust effect on the base of their wrecked dreadnaught.

Vallejo boasts a great range of excellent weathering effects that won’t just reduce the time you spend on your Tiny Dolls, but will elevate the level of realism and overall quality with little effort on your part.  

As each passing day continues to prove, this really is an excellent time to be a nerd. We get more products every day, our hobbies expand, and new people enter the wonderful world of mini painting.

Whether it’s to do epic battle, raid a dungeon, or simply place on your shelf to admire in private, painting miniatures is a great and rewarding hobby that we at Good Games are happy to support. 

Be sure to contact your local Good Games today about Vallejo, and getting into the painting hobby!

A special thanks to Reuben McCallum and Mark Lancaster for their insight.