We have seen nearly 1000 players attend our stores around the country. You have one final chance to qualify for your stores Kaldheim Season Championships this week so check with your local store to find out when the events are on.

For the Kaldheim Season Championship event itself, each of our stores will receive their Kaldheim Season Kit this week: let’s have a look at what is in it!

  • 4 Kaldheim Season Champs playmats: these are a reverse image of the Pre Release mat and come from our friends at Gamermats, so they are the thick edge stitched ones – Nice!
  • 4 Good Games Deck Boxes
  • 24 Good Games Score Pads
  • 24 Good Games Zombie Tokens
  • 1 Magic: The Gathering – Kaldheim Bundle

On top of this your store will also be adding a further 4 boosters per player entered into the prize pool! No matter which store you play at, this promises to be a great day.

Check with your store on the day and time for the event, the format and any Social Distancing measures of the event. 

What are you fighting for?

To become the Kaldheim Champion of your store!

Also, the Top8 will qualify forthe Good Games Store Championships event at the end f the year, where each store will be offering a $1000 CASH First Prize


$1000 CASH! 

We will have some news next week on Strixhaven Season, including dates and any changes to the series.

Thanks to all who have participated so far, I hope you are enjoying the series and if you have any feedback or questions, you can email us here.

Good luck this weekend!

– Glenn Dolyle