PAX, Australia’s biggest games convention, descended upon Melbourne last weekend, and brought with is another stellar three days of cosplay, games, hype, and an overall celebration of nerd-dom.

For the uninitiated, the Penny Arcade Expo, or PAX, runs annually at different cities across the world, primarily in North America. What began as a focus on video games has since expanded to include cosplay and tabletop, so much so that PAX Unplugged in Philadelphia focuses solely on the tabletop gaming experience.PAXAUSTabletopEmpty

With tens of thousands of attendees across all three days, PAX Australia was the place to be if you’re a gamer, a roleplayer, a cosplayer, or even just a geek. It’s a gathering like no other, and while the United States plays host to many events like this every year, it’s nice for Australia to get its moment in the sun, and to give our own communities the chance to shine.

PAX is always a great time for the Australian games industry, as hundreds (if not thousands), of game developers, games journalists, streamers and content creators from both the digital and tabletop sides of the industry flock to Melbourne to take part in the festivities.

As such, PAX also hosts panels featuring Game Developers and Community Ambassadors from all sides of the industry. It’s always a great opportunity for fans to meet people who work in tabletop and video game design.

And, of course, there is actual play of games like Dungeons & Dragons and Call of Cthulhu!

For Good Games, this year was especially great. As always, we had our huge booth popping in the tabletop section on all three days of the con. Outside of providing attendees with everything their tabletop-hearts desired, including a wide range of specials and fun competitions, the Good Games Publishing wing was also in attendance, hitting up the PAX “Collaboratory” to scope out games in progress by Australian tabletop designers.

It was great to see other Aussie tabletop giants in attendance, like the fantastic folks from Campaign Coins! Showcasing their wide range of fake money to use as your tabletop, Campaign Coins also had some very cool licensed product on offer like the new Hero Point tokens for the latest edition of Pathfinder- don’t mind if we do!

Our friends form Let’s Play Games Distribution were also in attendance at PAX. LPG had an entire section dedicated exclusively to demo a range of tabletop games like the masterfully designed Fog of Love, and the latest title in the Good Games Publishing catalogue, Fluttering Souls; the card game based on a Japanese folk-tale that had it’s debut and subsequently sold out at GenCon this year.

Chaosium Inc, the mad-minds behind both the Call of Cthulhu and RuneQuest RPG’s were showcasing their unique games that also acted as a foundation for much of the modern roleplaying scene. Many of us got to try Call of Cthulhu first-hand at PAX this year, and we can confirm- you’d be crazy not to try it!PAX2017Tabletop

PAX Australia is always an amazing time, not just for gamers of all ilk, but for geeks, nerds and everyone who’s part of the wonderful world of games.

We’d like to say a big thank-you to everyone who visited our booth this PAX, to everyone who told us about their favourite local Good Games store, to everyone who met and played games with the crew from Good Games Publishing 

You wonderful folks remind us why we do this- and please know that you’re always welcome here at Good Games! 

Until next year, PAX!

– The Good Games Australia Team