However, we can’t buy everything we want all the time – even if we could, we wouldn’t have the time o play everything, either!

So, with some help from some fine folks across Good Games, we’re curated a list of games that we hope will help narrow down your selection and get that next excellent game into your hot hands and onto your gaming table!

This is Good Games recommends!


None other than our Commander In Chief Paul Van Der Werk hearily recommends the worker placement game set in the world of D&D’s Forgotten Realms – Lords of Waterdeep!

“I love it because it has a tonne of replayability and just enough sabotage without having too much.” Paul said. “Also not knowing for sure if you have won until all is revealed!”

“It’s a classic board game that can be played over and over again.”

You can check out Lords of Waterdeep and it’s expansions online here!


Powerful Wizard and Regional Manager for the Good Games Franchise stores Glenn Doyle also recommends a fan favourite classic!

“I personally recommend Carcassonne.” Glenn said. “Along with Catan, Carcassonne was a pillar of the board game revolution that has happened in the past 15 years.

“Unlike Catan, you can play Carcassonne with 2 Players or up to 5.” Glenn went on. “This meant that my wife and I could play the game by ourselves or with family when they came over. Carcassonne creates a interesting map which is different every time and also the game is playable in under an hour.”

Of course, as Glenn said, there are other reasons to try this game. “Carcassonne is one of the best ‘gateway’ games available, great for introducing new players or playing with younger people but still very strategic.”


eCommerce Manager Danny Wang recommends the gem-trading game of Splendor!

“Tight mechanics that are easy to understand but hard to master and an extremely fast setup time mean this game is perfect for those 40 minute empty periods.” Danny said, brimming with the gem-hoarding excitement of a Red Dragon. “Splendor is a great introduction to heavier euro-games while still seeing the table long into the future.

Splendor fills a great niche; an introductory euro-game that can also be enjoyed long after you have graduated to more complex tastes.”

There is also a Marvel version of Splendor coming soon!


Sacha Spinks from The Games Capital and chief member of our Good Games Online team can’t get enough of this code-cracking tabletop game!

“I love the challenge of thinking up clever clues to throw your opponents off the scent.” Sacha said. “It’s so satisfying when you come up with a great clue. Despite the fact that I’ve lost 90% of the games I’ve played, I keep coming back for more. It’s that good.

“It’s easy enough for new players to learn without too much difficulty, but challenging enough to warrant repeated plays.” Sacha said. “This is in the same family as Codenames, but in my opinion is a superior game. If you have just one party style game in your collection, this should be it!”

Check our Decrypto and its expansion, Laser Drive, here!


Grady Chiu, Regional Manager for the Good Games Company Stores confused me when I asked if he’d like to recommend a game and replied; “NO THANKS!”

Luckily, Grady was talking about a stellar game that ticks a lot of boxes for him!

“As we get older,” he said, “it gets more and more difficult to get our gaming group together, so I love to play many games in one night. No Thanks can be played on its own, or in between other games!”

“It’s easy to learn, easy to teach, and has many layers to it!”


So there you have it, just a small selection of games that is recommended by some of the most entrenched team members here at Good Games.

Be sure to let us know what game you would recommend to someone looking to make their next purchase!