Phil (owner) Amaris (casual) Kieran (manager) not pictured Kylie (owner) and Ethan (casual)

Phil (Owner) Amaris (Sales Assistant) Kieran (Manager) [Not pictured: Kylie (Owner) and Ethan (Sales Assistant)]

We sat down with new owners Phil and Kylie to chat about gaming, community, and what they’re most excited for about the brand new store!

Phil has been a wargamer since the late 1990s. A big fan of Warhammer, he picked up Dungeons & Dragons in 2016 and hasn’t looked back. He’s always had a big interest in mini painting, and even started his own commission painting busines a few years back.

“We’re most excited to see the community grow,” Phil said. “Being able to provide a place for people to come in and feel like family.”

With a brand new location, Good Games Miranda is offering a premium gaming space to appeal to a wide range of players.

“We’re really looking to reach the broader board gaming community.” Said Phil.

“Particularly those looking to step up their game from Monopoly.” Added Kylie.

IMG 0440With the government-mandated COVID restrictions in New South Wales, the new Good Games Miranda is kitted out for 30 customers. 

“One of the features of the new store is the dedicated Dungeons & Dragons room.” Phil said. “It has complimentary tea and coffee a nice table, a hand-made Dungeon Master’s Screen, and Bluetooth speakers.”

“In the future there will be dynamic lighting as well.” Said Kylie. “The room is available to rent, and is completely private.”

Miranda locals looking to check out the new Good Games Miranda can expect a light, bright, and big space. Kylie, Phil, and the Good Games Miranda team are inviting everyone to attend their Grand Opening event this Saturday the 28th. There are a bunch of exciting offers on at this event, including: 

  • Spend $75 or more on the day and you get a $10 Gift Voucher to use in December!
  • All customers that come in cosplay get 10% Off!
  • AND Post a photo of yourself with a Staff Member on Instagram with the hashtag #GGMstaff and go in the running for a $100 gift voucher.

IMG 0441 “The ambience is quite different.” Said Kylie. “We’re going to be really hands-on, and we’re keen to build a direct relationship with our community.”

“It’s their ship in some ways.” Phil added. “It’s our house, but we want you to be comfortable here.”

Kylie and Phil are really keen to expand the community at Good Games Miranda. They’ve recently reached out to other local organisations, like a Baseball team they plan to sponsor.

Of course, if you’re into TTRPGs, you’ll have plenty to talk with Kylie and Phil about.

“We’re big Critical Role fans,” said Kylie.

D&D is my favourite game.” Said Phil. “The short answer is it’s really fun to create stuff with your mates. The long answer is, I’ve seen how these kinds of games can really save people’s lives.”

IMG 0475The grand opening of Good Games Miranda is happening on Saturday, November 28th. Be sure to stay tuned to them on social media for all the exciting updates, and if you’re in the area be sure to pop in and say hi to Phil and Kylie!