IMG 2275We spoke to Jaimie and Damien of Good Games Gold Coast about the event!

It was great to see the format of Pioneer evolving and growing, and was also great to see that out of the 17 players we had 15 unique decks played in the event.

One of our players, Jordan, is doing an interview series with winners each week. Which funnily enough was himself this week. here it is below:

Since it went so well last week, Jamie asked me to interview the winner of the second Pioneer Kaldheim Good Games Championship Qualifier. I ended up winning, so here’s my awkward self-interview!

My Decklist:


4 Sylvan Caryatid

1 Valki, God of Lies

1 Esika, God of the Tree  

2 Klothys, God of Destiny  

1 Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet  

1 Omnath, Locus of Creation  

1 Yasharn, Implacable Earth  

3 Niv-Mizzet Reborn    

1 Tolsimir, Friend to Wolves  

1 Nahiri, the Harbinger  

2 Abrupt Decay

3 Dreadbore

2 Kolaghan’s Command  

1 Extinction Event

4 Bring to Light  

1 Shadows’ Verdict  

2 Oath of Kaya  

1 Binding the Old Gods  



1 Blood Crypt

4 Fabled Passage

1 Forest

2 Glacial Fortress

2 Indatha Triome

1 Island

2 Ketria Triome

1 Mana Confluence

1 Mountain

3 Overgrown Tomb

1 Plains

2 Raugrin Triome

2 Rootbound Crag

1 Savai Triome

1 Sunpetal Grove

1 Swamp

1 Watery Grave

1 Zagoth Triome



4 Fatal Push

3 Grafdigger’s Cage

2 Thoughtseize

1 Despark

2 Dovin’s Veto

1 Rakdos’s Return  

1 Kaya, Orzhov Usurper  

1 The Scarab God


Why did you play the deck?

After the recent bans the metagame is very open so I wanted to play an adaptable, resilient deck with plenty of mainboard options and answers. I’ve played the deck before but Bring to Light is much more powerful now as it can fetch and play the back side of the new Kaldheim modal double faced cards like Tibalt, Cosmic Impostor and The Prismatic Bridge.


What do you like/dislike about the deck?

I definitely like the power and flexibility the Bring to Light package offers – having 5 colours online and a Bring to Light in hand makes it feel like you can’t lose. You can refill your hand with Niv Mizzet, Reborn, wipe the board, gain life, or grab a silver bullet for the matchup. In one game, I grabbed a Dreadbore to remove a planeswalker as that was exactly what I needed to turn the corner.

I dislike trying to survive while also getting five colours online against high-pressure aggro decks!


What are the best/worst matchups?

Spirits is the deck’s Kryptonite – the combination of early pressure and counterspells is too much! Other aggro decks are a toss-up; I felt if I had a hand with a Sylvan Caryatid and early interaction I was able to hold the line. Combo decks can be tricky, like Lotus Field – I also played against an excellent Ugin’s Nexus combo deck that I had no real options for other than Thoughtseize/Dovin’s Veto that went off a turn faster than I did.

The best matchups are other grindy midrange decks as I feel like Niv goes a little bigger with more powerful cards.


What would you change if you played the deck again?

I’d mulligan more aggressively – I lost a couple of games to keeping a softer hand game 1 when I might have been able to get a better 5 or 6 card hand. I’d also put in a couple of Growth Spirals so that I had a way to ramp at instant speed and draw cards on the turns when I need to.


What were some memorable moments from the event (mistakes, sweet plays, etc.)?

The most memorable moments mostly came from my opponents, like getting my Nivs and Bring to Lights exiled from my deck with Necromentia, finding out Black has access to targeted enchantment removal in Feed the Swarm, and having an Ugin’s Nexus deck take 8 turns in a row to kill me!

I managed to win a game in turns with Kaya, Orzhov Usurper and The Scarab God exiling enough of my opponent’s deck that I could deal 20+ damage in one turn with Kaya’s ult.


Anything else?

I’d like to shout out Claudioh (@claudiomtg on Twitter) and the Niv to Light discord for all their help with the deck over the last couple of weeks, and Josh Sorensen for his input and suggestions.