We thought we’d put together a short list of some of the games we love and why we love them! We feature a Game We Love every Friday on our social media channels, but we wanted to give you a little more insight on a few of our titles.

You may have heard of some (or all!) of these, and there is also a chance you haven’t played some of them!

Either way, have a scroll, enjoy a read and hear about some Games We Love!


Arkham hororArkham Horror

A modular, co-operative, and highly repayable game of Lovecraftian dread! Arkham Horror from our friends at Fantasy Flight Games is easily the quintessential horror board game currently on the market.

Arkham Horror has a focus on characters, co-operation, making choices, and emergent narrative. As you play through one of the stories (which you select at the beginning of the game -all of which have a number of different endings), little sub-stories come up as you play.

Your characters move around the twisted and eldritch streets of Arkham, Massachusetts, having encounters with a wide range of people, from the local milkman, to the leader of a flesh-eating ghoul cult.

While Arkham Horror is a singular experience, there are already a number of expansions for the game. Each allows you to explore another aspect of Lovecraftian terror.


DDDungeons & Dragons

Yes, you’ve heard of this one. You’ve probably played it. But there is a chance you haven’t. We’re here to tell you: It’s time to change that.

For many new gamers, Dungeons & Dragons is considered a “final frontier” of sorts for the geek world. It can look a little strange, as well. If you’ve ever seen a group of people playing D&D, it doesn’t look very exciting – they’re just sitting at a table!

It’s hard to describe the transportive nature of roleplaying games. Dungeons & Dragons in particular allows you to envision yourself as a great hero from a wide array of backgrounds, who takes to fighting evil in a way that is unique to you.

If you’ve ever played a video game, chances are you’ll be familiar with a lot of the core themes of Dungeons & Dragons: Classes, levels, experience points – all of these things come from D&D, so it’s really not as alien as you might expect!

If you just want to dip your toe into the game, you can pick up the Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set. This box is super affordable, and gives you everything you need to head out on your first adventure.



If we said you should play a card game about bird watching, we’d really be underselling so many of the things that make Wingspan excellent.

Beautiful art, tactile components, a peaceful theme, and some of the best mechanics on the market make Wingspan a delicious cocktail that can be enjoyed by any type of gamer.

If you are the kind who just wants to collect the birds, build your engine, lay some eggs and try and achieve your own personal goal, then this is the game for you. Equally, if you want to choose birds based on overall strategy, hawk your opponents actions, undermine their future choices and build the most efficient board that will fly you all the way to victory, then Wingspan has you covered!

It is so rare to find a game that covers to many bases for so many people.

At its heart, Wingspan is a wholesome game with a theme so often unexplored in games. A feeling comes over you when you’re playing Wingspan, regardless of your goal: You do really feel peaceful. And that is a beautiful thing.


magicMagic: The Gathering

Okay, stick with us on this one.

We know you’ve heard of Magic. We know that if you’re reading this on the Good Games website, then you’re either in or out.

BUT, if you haven’t played Magic before, or if you haven’t played Magic in a while, we’re here to tell you that there has never been a time to jump into a game and start slinging spells.

The recent years have seen the release of some of the most memorable sets in the game’s history. Additionally, there are now more ways to play Magic than ever before. It is not just Constructed or Draft anymore.

You can play Archenemy, Commander, Game Night, JumpStart – the list goes on!

So, all we’re going to say is – if it’s been a while, or if (somehow) you’re yet to try, now is the time to take up the mantle of Planeswalker and play some Magic!



If you are a roleplayer, or a Magic player, and you haven’t yet branched out into board games, then, honestly, it’s time!

CATAN is synonymous with board games. This classic title sees players working to create their own settlements on an uninhabited island. You’ll work with and against your fellow players to trade goods, build structures, and work to become the strongest and most influential settlement on the island.

One of the best things about CATAN is its modular board. Like Arkham Horror, the game has the potential to be completely different every time you play it – and that is before you introduce any of the several expansions!

CATAN is about as complicated as a game like Monopoly, but offers a far ore accessible ruleset which don’t punish you for having bad luck. It can be enjoyed with your family and children, or with a few friends while enjoying some drinks and dinner.


So, there you have it! A sampling of the Games We Love!

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