Brian Holland

by Brian Holland

The Godzilla Card Game is the second title in the Chrono Clash game line- a unique and malleable system first introduced with the epically popular Naruto Card Game.

Devotees will recall my utter enthrallment with Naruto as a game, a fact which was especially sincere given that I’d had absolutely no experience with Naruto before- I’m happy to say that this trend continues with Godzilla!

Outside of attending the Matthew Broderick film in 2000, I don’t have a lot of experience with Godzilla as a franchise- what I can appreciate is epic monsters battling it out, as well as seamless mechanics that are evocative, easy to understand, and most importantly are strategically engaging.

godzilla card 1

Every card in the game has beautiful, original illustration, which helps to uniform these monsters from across some 60 years’ worth of film and TV. The illustrations on the oversized Extra Deck cards are particularly note-worthy- there is nothing like summoning one of these Epic Monsters and seeing the look on your opponent’s face!

One major change with the release of Godzilla is that the entire set now comes in one big box, as opposed to the two sets of two decks with Naruto. This means that just one purchase gets you an entire set of the game, so you can deck-build and do battle with four people right away!

Of course, the set comes with four pre-made decks, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, and I’d highly recommend playing with all of them before you start taking them apart and building your own deck full of monsters from all across the Godzilla franchise.

Being a Chrono Clash game, Godzilla uses many of the core mechanics present in Naruto and the recently released Neon-Genesis.

Players pay costs with Time, swinging a pendulum across the Chrono Clash gauge. You can read more about how this works exactly in our article on Naruto from last year, but suffice to say that it is an extremely elegant resource design that provides each player with many decision points on each of their turns.

Like the other Chrono Clash games, your goal is to destroy the Guardians in your opponents Guardian Stack. You can also win by getting 5 Quest Points by sending your Battlers (in this case, epic monsters!) on Quests.

godzilla card 2

Having multiple avenues to victory make Godzilla an infinitely replayable game, given you can adapt your strategies to fit the weaknesses of your opponent- or even shoot for multiple victories at once to keep your opponent’s resources spread thin!

Chrono Clash continues it’s text-less system design, printing cards with symbols that denote different effects- as with the games other titles, these symbols are easy to learn and fast to recognise. It’ll only take one game with each deck before you know exactly what every card does at a glance.

I was especially happy to see the inclusion of new symbols/abilities with this release. Godzilla monsters have traits like “Toughness”, which allows you to discard cards to prevent the destruction of a Battler, “Sneak Attack” is an alternate cost that allows you to attack with a Battler even if the Chrono Clash Gauge has ticked over to your opponent’s turn, and “Elusive” Battlers can only be attacked by other Battlers with the Elusive ability.

Many of the core abilities from Naruto carry over to this title- so familiar traits like “Fast” and “Legion” are peppered across the epic monsters doing battle in Godzilla.

I know what you’re thinking- and the answer is: Yes, you can do battle with Naruto vs Godzilla, and in theory, you can even deck-build across both titles, though I’m personally unsure how balanced that would be, and the card backs for each game are different.

Chrono Clash continues to be one of the most innovative and accessible card game systems currently on the market.


Whether you’re a Godzilla fan, or just a player who appreciates strategic and epic card games, you owe it to yourself to pick up a copy of The Godzilla Card Game from your local Good Games Store today!