Running for some 40 years, CanCon is a tabletop gaming convention like no other in Australia.

Featuring a sprawling board game library, a huge trades hall filled with vendors, massive sheds decked out for our country’s biggest wargaming events, as well as a vertible plethora of CCG tournaments and Roleplaying Game sessions, CanCon really does have it all.

I spoke with Glenn Doyle, Organised Play Manager for Good Games and Canberra resident. He’s also been going to CanCon every year since 1994- that’s longer than some of you have been alive!

“I think CanCon is very underrated, much like Canberra is an underrated city.” Glenn told me. “It’s a very different convention than those you might be used to- it’s not like SupaNova or PAX.”

One major thing that sets CanCon apart from the other conventions in Australia is the fact that is is free entry- Anyone can walk in, wander around, buy games in the trade hall or watch the events. If you want to play, you’ll have to sign up and pay for an event.

“For me, CanCon is the ‘doing’ convention.” Glenn said. “You go there and you do stuff. Most people are at CanCon to play an event.”

Magic players will have every reason to jump in the car and high-tail it to the ACT next weekend. CanCon will play host to a WPNQ, as well as the Highlander National Championship both of which offer $1000’s of dollars of prizes- including cash!

It’s also one of the rare opportunities to play formats such as Vintage or Legacy, as well as some off-the-wall formats like Lucky Dip Sealed.

For the Duellists amongst you, you’ll be more than happy to learn about the Oceanic Regionals event, sandwhiched between two days of Ignition Assault Sneak Peeks!

The added bonus of playing Magic or Yu-Gi-Oh! at CanCon this year? You’ll score points toward The Good Games Championship in  the same way as if you were playing in a store!

Even if you missed out on tickets to some of the large wargaming events that notoriously sell out online months prior to the convention itself, there is still plenty of reasons to come on down to CanCon!

“The board game library is amazing,” Glenn said. “Imaging you’ve got a game store full of games, but all of those games are there for you to play. You can also put up a little sign that’s like a flag on your table, that let’s the people who run the library know to come over and help you learn to play.”

If you’re more of an RPG enthusiast, there is an entire room dedicated to 4-hour sessions of a wide variety of tabletop roleplaying games, including titles like Call of Cthulhu, 7th Sea, Vampire: The Masquerade, Runequest and of course Dungeons & Dragons.

“CanCon has really built up over the years,” Glenn went on. “The wargaming halls where Warhammer, Infinity and all those games are run is pretty cool. You get to see all the armies and the hundreds of tables.

“The other thing you need to check out would be the trade stand- there’s a bunch of stores with stuff on sale and there’s always bargains to be had.”

Both Good Games and The Games Capital will have extensive stands at the event with a full range of stock- not to mention a plethora of sale items!

“I love seeing a whole bunch of people I haven’t seen for 12 months. The vibe of the whole event is really cool.” Glenn said. “The atmosphere alone is worth the trip.”

CanCon runs from the 25th-27th of January, and you can find all the details here!