Between Australia and the United States, Good Games will now have 34 stores internationally, with Good Games Macquarie becoming our third shopping centre store beside Good Games Top Ryde and Good Games Castle Hill.

Located in the Macquarie shopping centre, the store will have a soft opening in mid-May. We are planning to have a Grand Opening Celebration a little further down the line – but don’t worry, we’ll keep you in the loop with all the excitement once we have a date!

So what can you expect from Good Games Macquarie?

macquarie insideUltimately, we will be offering the quintessential Good Games experience. Like our other shopping centre stores, Good Games Macquarie will have a sole retail focus. We are committed to creating and curating a warm, welcoming and inclusive environment where both long-time tabletop gamers and folks new to the scene can both feel at home.

At Good Games, we pride ourselves on the passion and enthusiasm of our staff. ‘The Good Games experience is warm and family-friendly,’ said Grady Chiu, Operations Manager for the Good Games company stores. ‘Our staff are here to help introduce you to gaming culture. We love to be asked questions so we can serve all your needs.’

Good Games Macquarie will be launching with a full range, covering all of your gaming needs. If you are more traditional, we’ll have the likes of Chess, Backgammon and a wide range of jigsaw puzzles.

Of course, we go beyond the traditional, and if you have an appetite for board games then we have you covered! The familiar strategy titles such as Catan, Pandemic and Lords of Waterdeep will adorn our shelves alongside Scythe, Everdell and Diplomacy. Not to mention a full assortment of party games, from Werewolf and Codenames, to Cards Against Humanity and Unstable Unicorns!

For the kids, we’ll be stocking the Schleich range of toys, as well as familiar franchise games like Dragon Ball and Pokemon –  not to mention the endlessly cute Pokeball Terrariums that we cannot wait to showcase!

Of course, if you are a returning gamer and familiar with Good Games, you’ll be delighted to know that the new Macquarie store will stock Magic: The Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh! Tabletop role-playing games like the ever-popular Dungeons & Dragons will round out our shelves, as well as the Vallejo paint range for when you want to get stuck into some delicate and mindful hobby at your table.

‘I guess it’s very new to us,’ Chiu said, when asked about what excited him most about Good Games Macquarie. ‘We had a good experience with shopping centre stores, and with this being the 3rd, we really know what we’re doing. We’re here to provide fun and culture to an area of the city that doesn’t have much in terms of gaming.’

Good Games Macquarie will open to the public in mid-May.


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