Brian Holland

by Brian Holland

Offering an amazing card game in an ever-expanding and changing world, the design-space of Hearthstone took what we new from the tabletop card game experience, and evolved it into something truly captivating.

At Good Games, we’re excited to give players the opportunity to not just play Hearthstone at home, but rather in a shared space and community- at a Fireside Gathering.

The centre of the Hearthstone universe is this amazing fantasy tavern with all kinds of different folks pulling up a seat, relaxing, and sharing an exciting game. Fireside Gatherings take that theme and make it a reality. 

In Hearthstone, there is often a lead up to the release of the next expansion, Hearthstone players are always hyped about the ocean of possibilities each new set brings, and once it arrives, they’re just as pysched to explore it.

Hearthstone has been around for a few years now, but it isn’t only exciting for veterans, it’s also a great time for new players to jump in- at a Fireside Gathering!

hearthstone 1At Good Games, we’ve also run Fireside Gathering pre-releases. 

If you’re familiar with the prereleases or sneak peeks for games like Magic, Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh!, then the concept will be pretty familiar.

The pre-release Fireside Gathering gives players a chance to check out the new cards before release, using either decks they built themselves, or a set of pre-constructed “recipes.”Experienced players can flex their theory-crafting muscles and fresh players can get a handle on the new mechanics, decks and themes. 

Even if you have been following the card reveals and theory-crafting from home, it’s great fun to hear what sort of weird and wonderful ideas other people have dreamt up. It’s one of the many great things about playing Hearthstone in person, across the table from other players just like you.Also, at a prerelease if you’ve pre-purchased any packs, you get to open them! It’s a little bit like opening your Christmas presents early, except you’re not gonna get scolded by your family for doing so.

But, whether you’re a brand new Hearthstone player, or have been heavily invested for years, going to your first Fireside Gathering can be a bit daunting- particularly if you’re not already a regular at Good Games! 

There is a big shift from playing against faceless opponents online, to being able to see, smile and interact with them in person. If you’re not used to it, it may feel a bit strange, and it’s totally natural to feel nervous about attending for the first time.

So what’s our advice? Relax.

Don’t have too many expectations for yourself. Fireside Gatherings are special, they bring together all sorts of players- casual and competitive. If you show up with an open mind, you will definitely pick up some games against some like-minded people.

At the moment, there is so much to love about Hearthstone.

Firstly, we’re still early in the Hearthstone year- the second last expansion said goodbye to the Year of the Dragon and rung in The Year of the Mammoth.

The start of a new year is one of the most exciting times to be playing Hearthstone- whether you are new or a veteran, everyone is trying to figure out what works and what new decks will end up on top. 

The hardest part of meeting new people is finding some common ground. When you show up to your first fireside gathering, you already have on major thing in common with everyone- you play Hearthstone! 

If you’re worried about talking to people you don’t know, why not start by challenging them to a game? Even just a nice “Good Game” after you finish can be a great kick-off point for fun conversations- and friendships!FACEBOOK POST Hearthstone

The best part of any Fireside Gathering for me is meeting new people, swapping stories about close calls or outlandish plays and challenging them to a game or two.


If you wanna make new friends, try out some cool things, and talk Hearthstone face-to-face with like-minded players and friendly Good Games staff, then get in contact with your local Good Games store today!