Have another idea? We don’t know everything – feel free to pitch to us! Before you do though, here are some of the common questions we get and how we respond to them:

I have another idea not covered above.2021-05-08T22:19:17-05:00

We’re always open to new ideas and looking for new partnerships in the great wide open. Contact our Managing Director, Paul and tell him how you want to change the world! paul@goodgames.com.au

I have a board game i’d like to publish. Would Good Games like to look at it?2021-05-08T22:18:47-05:00

Good Games Publishing is committed to publishing a variety of games of all sorts – you can see their submissions process here: http://goodgamespublishing.com/submissions.html

Can I run an event at a Good Games store?2022-03-22T18:50:11-05:00

If you have a specific event in mind, it’s always best to contact the manager of that store – all of our stores have an email address on their own page.