Good Games has grown in leaps and bounds through our first ten years, and we’re planning to make the next ten just as much fun! We’re always looking for new people to jump in and join us in our ongoing adventure.

Over a decade of running stores has proven that our model works and we’re excited to offer others the opportunity to create a new Good Games store in their local area, or have their existing store join us in Good Games and share the benefits.

Good Games isn’t simply a business model though; it’s a group that works together to bring gamers everywhere a safe, fun environment to play in. We’re all gamers ourselves and what we really want is for everyone in the world to have a place to play. You can read about it in our co-founder Scott’s article here.

Bring Good Games to your area

Maybe you’ve found a place that needs a good game store and you’d like some help to live the dream? Sounds like you want to bring Good Games to your area.


Your country needs a Good Games

It could be that the place you’ve found is in a country we haven’t made it to yet? Tell us that your country needs a Good Games!


Reinvent your own store

Perhaps you have a store already, but want to work with a fun team to make that store even better than it already is? Are you ready to reinvent your own store?


Positions Vacant

Maybe store ownership isn’t for you, but you want to be a part of a motivated, hard-working and fun-loving team in a great industry? Check out our positions vacant.



Maybe you see an opportunity that needs more than one store to fully realise? See our FAQ page for information about Kickstarter Fulfillment, Publishing, new products and more.