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NOTE: Event is being held online via Pokémon Trading Card Game Online. Event organized via Discord: http://discord.gg/aKF5dD5CCV
Cost: FREE
Format: Standard (SSH-BRS)
Type: Swiss BO1, BO3 cut if enough players

Registration (EDT):

  • Qualifier 1: 10AM 04/01/22 – 9AM 04/09/22
  • Qualifier 2: 10AM 04/08/22 – 9AM 04/16/22
  • Qualifier 3: 10AM 04/15/22 – 9AM 04/23/22
  • Qualifier 4: 10AM 04/22/22 – 9AM 04/30/22

Decklist Submission (EDT):

  • Qualifier 1: 10AM 04/01/22 – 9:30AM 04/09/22
  • Qualifier 2: 10AM 04/08/22 – 9:30AM 04/16/22
  • Qualifier 3: 10AM 04/15/22 – 9:30AM 04/23/22
  • Qualifier 4: 10AM 04/22/22 – 9:30AM 04/30/22

Event Registration:

Prize Support: Participants will have the opportunity to win Pokémon Trading Card Game Online booster codes (prize quantity depends on the number of participants in each qualifier), digital card sleeves, and deck boxes for the Pokémon TCG Online. An event-exclusive Pokémon TCG playmat will also be revealed later.


Play! Pokémon Team Challenge—Season 3 is a Pokémon TCG tournament where players will play to form a four-person team representing their local game store to compete for prizes and glory! The tournament is open to Masters Division players (players in Brazil must be 18 years or older).

This season of Team Challenge will be played both online and in stores. Online matches will be held through the Pokémon TCG Online and hosted by tournamentcenter BVBA. In-store matches will take place in regions that are open for Play! Pokémon events. Please refer to the official Play! Pokémon COVID-19 requirements, and stay connected with your friends and your gaming community while staying safe!

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