Modern on the Horizon


Before Modern Horizons 2 spoiler season officially starts, let's take a look back at the impact of the first Modern Horizons, what

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Good Games Magic Premier Series Details


As part of the Good Games Championship Series, there will be six Good Games Magic Premier Series events and the end of year Good Games Player's Championships

The Good Games Magic Premier Series events will allow players to accumulate points toward the Good Games Championship, there are no restrictions of qualifications in order to participate- anyone can play!

These gatherings of powerful Magic-users will take place at off-site venues around the country where you can earn big cash prizes, plus invitations to the Magic: The Gathering Player's Tour!

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A Hell Of A Good Time: D&D Descent Into Avernus


“A hot, stinging air assaults your senses. The city street in which you stand is lines with buildings that are crumbling, if not already collapsed. The ground shudders beneath your feet. In the red, smoky sky, a 400-foot-diameter sphere of darkness discharges stroke soft bluish-white lightning that strike the city at irregular intervals. Perched atop a distant bluff, overlooking the rest of the city, is a crumbling fortress.”

- Chapter 2: Elturel Has Fallen

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