chris sha ggchamps 2017 winner

Many of you probably saw the photo above; Chris Sha, the inaugural Good Games Magic Champion, brandishing his trophy in triumph at PAX Australia last year. Chris won the grand prize, a flight to any GP in the world; but there were a lot of winners on the way to that event.

Each store holds a Store Championship annually, with the winner scoring free entry to FNM events for a year – this year, Store Champions for Yu-Gi-Oh will also score themselves a free constructed event each week. Those winners get their names engraved on the Store Championship Trophy in their local.

We asked staff in Good Games Stores about their trophies and how the community reacts to them;

Milo, Bondi Junction

“We keep our trophy sword half sheathed behind the counter, with the store championships details revealed at the base of the blade. The first question is always “omg! Is that a real sword?” The second question is always “how do I get MY name on it!?””

Noah, Indianapolis

“We keep it on the top shelf right in the front of the store. Most comments are things along the lines of “What did you win?” or “WOW that looks nice, what’s it for?” Our regular players have made it a point to tell us they’re the ones taking it home this year though.”

Jump into your local Good Games store now, play hard, score points and get to your Store Championship this August!