Jaime Lawrence

by Jaime Lawrence

 Running a game store is a pretty big job; figuring out what to stock, doing customer service, running events, balancing books, paying staff and especially, building community. No matter how much your local Good Games store manager/owner loves gaming, there just isn’t enough time in the world to do it all. That’s why we’re so grateful that Champion players step up to help us co-ordinate events and bring communities together for game nights. This week, I took some time to interview Champion Player Evan Becker and see what keeps him coming back for more. 

Hi Evan! What first brought you into Good Games Adelaide? 

My FLGS was an independent shop and I got along well with the owner and staff, this grew into assisting with X-Wing and A Game of Thrones LCG events. When the owner decided it was time to move on and sold the store to Good Games, my relationship with the store and staff continued.

What do you love about X-Wing, Game of Thrones and Legion in particular? 

I’ve always had a soft spot for Miniatures games having played Warhammer Fantasy and 40k quite a bit in the past and also I am a Star Wars fan (Especially the X-Wing PC games – TIE Fighter is a classic space sim few have come close to reaching) so when X-Wing was first announced it was a no brainer to pick it up. I love the skirmish nature of the game, a game can be played in 60 – 75 mins, and it’s very tactical in nature.
I have to admit I am not a big Game of Thrones fan, after being an avid reader of epic/high fantasy in High School I read the first book and got to the end and went ‘Well, I think I’m done with epic fantasy series’ but I like card games and love good card games, having kicked a MTG addiction I was looking for something different to play and some local players of AGoT LCG 1st ed were getting into 2nd ed so I jumped in as well. I was terrible at first but the game is great and does a really good job of giving the whole scheming and backstabbing and plotting feel from the source material. 

agot card game logoAs for Legion, that was the dream when I was younger and played 40k, my friends and I always wanted a Star Wars 40k style game and I’m very happy FFG did something about that. It’s Star Wars, you can recreate battles from the movies or make your own, what’s not to love about Darth Vader leading a squad of stormtrooper into battle or flying an Airspeeder around a board supporting your Rebel troops.. 


What’s your local tournament scene like? 
Legion has really only just started, so that is growing. The length of time it takes for a game means I’ll probably just run events as a really casual affair. X-Wing is good with multiple stores in the area running events of varying sizes, player numbers always fluctuate for various reasons but have dropped a bit with the announcement of X-Wing 2.0. Myself and a friend are working on some ways to bolster numbers and also for 2.0 release. AGoT is a small but loyal player base, we may not get big numbers but we get constant attendance. 


If new players want to give in-store play a go, what advice would you give them? 
received 10156604510300820Just come and play – most stores that support these games offer some form of weekly/fortnightly/monthly events or leagues which tend to be more casual in nature. Don’t be afraid to lose, it will happen and if you keep at it you will get better (I was terrible at AGoT for about 8 months) and don’t be afraid to ask for help/advice.
Thanks Evan – for the interview, and for making Good Games Adelaide a great place to play!