Players have until the end of July to qualify for their Store Championships in the Good Games Championship Series. For Magic: the Gathering, that means 100 points in most locations and for Yu-Gi-Oh, 50. At 3 points per win, you need 34 wins for Magic, 17 for Yu-Gi-Oh to get there – sounds easy enough if you play in store each week, but let’s have a look at the stats and see how things stand. Below is a graph showing the number of qualified players for each game in each store:

ygo mtg

gg champs 2018 mtgMagic: The Gathering

If you’re a Magic player, there’s clearly some great places to play! Good Games Brisbane (QLD) and Cannington (WA) lead the pack with more than 35 players qualified in each store! Good Games Adelaide (SA) and The Games Capital (CAN) are up there too – it makes sense that NSW would be more even, as there are more stores there than anywhere else. That said, Queensland is definitely putting in the strongest showing, with Upper Mt Gravatt and Gold Coast contributing 20 players each to Brisbane’s huge contingent. Also worthy of note are the 20 or so players qualified in the US, battling it out for a spot on the plane to PAX Australia!

gg champs 2018 ygoYu-Gi-Oh

For the Yu-Gi-Oh Championships, Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide are the places to be! Queensland again puts in a strong showing with Upper Mt Gravatt’s contribution, but Victoria isn’t far behind, with Greensborough adding 16 players to the mix on top of Melbourne’s contribution. 

Whichever game you play, get into your local Good Games store to play it and win your way to PAX Australia – and beyond!