Brian Holland

by Brian Holland

For those of you who don’t know, the Good Games Championships is run every year across all the Good Games stores between Australia and the United States of America.

The Championships are designed to reward our players for doing what they love- playing their favourite TCG at Good Games!

Players accrue points when they play in tournaments for either Yu-Gi-Oh! or Magic: The Gathering. As you get more points, you unlock more prizes!

The your play, the more chances you have of getting more points!

The Good Games Championship is free of charge- outside of your regular tournament entry cost, there is no additional cost at all to cover the tens of thousands of dollars of product we’re giving away!

This wouldn’t be possible without our amazing sponsors!

So, if you’re just hearing about the GGC, is it too late for you to sign up?

Not at all!

You can start accruing points and unlocking prizes today!

So what do you stand to take home? Let’s take a look at the wealth of prizes on offer, as well as the amazing sponsors who have made this all possible!


50 Points – Good Games Branded Deck Box 

The first-tier prize is something everyone needs- we can never have too many deck boxes! This deck box is special, in that it boasts the Good Games brand logo, the enigmatic White Dragon, upon a deep blue background.

Despite the colours, we assure you that you don’t have to be an Azorius wizard to use it!


100 points – Schweppes 600ml Drink & entry to the Store Championship

Peak Gamer Fuel! 100 points will score you both a thirst-quenching Schweppes drink of your choice, ice cold from the Good Games fridge, as well as entry to the 2019 GGC Store Championship!

The Store Championship is an invite-only event held in each Good Games store later this year. It will have it’s own set of unique prizes, and the ONLY way to play in this event is to get 100 points in the GGC!


200 – Ultimate Guard Standard or Small Sleeves (80 Pack)

Thanks to our friends at Let’s Play Games Distribution, 200 points will score you a pack of Ultimate Guard sleeves in either Magic or Yu-Gi-Oh! size!FACEBOOK POST Ultimate Guard Highlight 1

Just like deck boxes, we all know that gamers can never have too many sleeves, and Ultimate Guard are indeed the best sleeves on the market!

Ultimate Guard continue to be innovators in the tabletop gaming industry, constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible when it comes to tabletop accessories. If you haven’t tried Ultimate Guard sleeves yet, once you score these, you’ll never go back!


250 Points – Playmat by Gamermats

We use our Deck Boxes to keep our cards safe, our sleeves to protect our cards, and our playmats to protect our sleeves!

It also always helps when the playmat has some absolutely killer artwork to evoke the feeling of a mighty duel!

Our friends at Gamermats in the USA are giving anyone who gets to 250 points one of their premium rib-edged playmats with unique designed exclusive to Gamermats! These mats are not available for purchase in Australia!


300 Points – Free Entry to Next Magic Prerelease or Yu-Gi-Oh! Sneak Peek 

If you’ve got 300 points, then you truly are loyal to your local Good Games store- and we’re rewarding that loyalty with free entry to the most popular events!

Whether your game of choice be Magic or Yu-Gi-Oh!, you’ll score yourself free entry to the next Prerelease/Sneak Peek event, taking home a stack of packs from the latest set- and competing in the event for a chance at even more!


350 Points – PAX Australia Weekend Pass

If you’re new to being a nerd, then you may not know that PAX is Australia’s largest gathering of tabletop and digital gamers!FACEBOOK POSTgamermat

Held every October in Melbourne’s scenic South Bank, PAX is an epic 3-day event that showcases every aspect of the amazing games industry, with insightful (and hilarious!) panels, live play games, tournaments, hundreds of booths and heaps of cosplay!

350 points means you’re entry to PAX Australia 2019 is covered! The pass has a value of $170!


400 Points – 7 Land Hand Game of the Month

Every month, our friends at 7 Land Hand showcase a new game that they really dig their teeth into, play, review, and chat about in their podcast!

At 400 points, you’ll score yourself a copy of the 7 Land Hand Game of the Month for the month that you reached 400 points!Turns out Good Games just wants to see you playing more games- so much so that we’ll be giving them to you!


500 Points – Dice Monster Set

So, we’ve covered Deck Boxes, we’ve covered Sleeves, and we’ve sorted you out for a playmat.Does anyone know what’s missing from the tabletop gamer arsenal?

That’s right- dice! And not just any dice, PREMIUM dice!

Dice Monster offer a wide range of dice sets in a variety of hevay metals, all with different colours and designs. Perfect for Dungeons & Dragons, life-tracking, +1/+1 counters or intimidating your opponent with a heavy metal roll-off!


600 Points – Entry to the next Magic Fest or Yu-Gi-Oh! YCS

Our two favourite card games each have their own big tournament circuit- the Magic Fest and the YCS.

While you’ll still have to find your own way to the city in which the event is held, we’re covering your entry, freeing up your funds to make sure you have an especially amazing weekend of your favourite game!


700 Points – Magic or Yu-Gi-Oh! Booster Box


If you’re at 700 points, you’re invited to saunter into your favourite local Good Games store and take home a booster box of any main set! 

This has a shelf value of up to $175, but cracking open a box or drafting it with all your pals? That’s a priceless time!


??? Points – Ultimate Top Scorer!

While everyone who participates in the Good Games Championship is a winner in their own right, at the end of the day, the GGC is Highlander- there can only be one!

That’s right, the Ultimate Top Scorer is reserved for the person with the absolute most points across both the Yu-Gi-Oh! and Magic divisions of the GGC!As such, this prize package is only for one lucky duellist/wizard, and it includes:

– Their choice of any 7 Land Hand Game of the Month

– A Supanova Supa-Q Pass for 2020

– A PAX Australia Pass for 2020

– Entry to both Australian Magic Fests in 2020 (Magic Player Only)

– Entry to both Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series and Yu-Gi-Oh! Australian Nationals Qualifier 2020

– A personalised, custom made 6-foot long Gamermat with the Ultimate Champion’s name and stats!

– And lastly, you’ll work directly with us at Good Games to design a unique Yu-Gi-Oh!/Magic Playmat for the Good Games Championship 2020!


That was a lot to get through!

We’re deep into the Good Games Championship for 2019, but it’s never too late to start playing, start scoring, and start taking home prizes!

We at Good Games love these good games, and we love the fine folks like yourselves who play them in our stores across the world- we can’t wait to continue to share these experiences with you, and continue t make the Good Games Championship better and better!

Want to get involved with the GGC? Hit up your local Good Games store and find out their tournament times!