Good Games is proud to announce our revamped Championship Series for 2019! We’ve taken a long time to analyze our past years’ data and construct a series that offers more to players in the form of incentives to score more points and to stores, who will have more flexibility to cater to their community’s needs.

 There are some changes, such as removing State Champs and Nationals. Due to some States having many GG stores while others only have one or a few, we felt that the series needed to focus on a local level of play, so that everyone is on even footing. Removing those events has also allowed us to grow the prize pool for all players.

 Starting from 1 March 2019, all Good Games stores will track and update all OP for Magic the Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh events that are hosted in our stores. As you play, you’ll accumulate points, which you can use to unlock new prizes as you play and score more and more!

The Details

  • The Championships run from March 1 to September 30, 2019
  • Store Championship events take place on 5-6 October (MtG) and 19-20 October (YGO)
  • Each paid event you enter in a Good Games Store in this period earns you 1 point. Each win gets you 3 points, and each draw 1 point.
  • The winner of the store championship gets free entry to one constructed event each week until the next Store Championship. Other players share in a large pot of boosters
  • As you hit certain point levels in the Championship, you will be able to redeem prizes as detailed on the main Championship Series Page. 

 Find out more about the Championship at our Championship Series Page