Hey Milo, nice to chat to you. Star Wars Destiny Nationals is a huge event for your store! How have the local players responded to it?

The local community, The Dest Friends are super pumped to have their local store host the Nationals. They’ve been competing highly and heavily over the Store Champs season this year, so they’re ready to deliver a serious challenge at Nationals!

g18dn top 8 playmatPlayers from all over Australia are going to be travelling to the event – what can they expect?

We will be hosting day 1 at Easts Leagues Club. It’s going to be a huge first day, we will be live streaming the event onsite, there’ll be side events after lunch time and we’ll continue into the evening, doing everything from Destiny drafts and learn-to-play events for new games like Star Wars Legion and Keyforge to Star Wars trivia and more!

Day 2 will be a smaller affair and hosted at our store, just around the corner from Easts, with a focus on the top cut, as well as a few smaller side events. Players who haven’t made the cut will be able to come check out how the games are cut the progressing, maybe hop into a cheeky draft!

What extra touches are you adding to make Nationals memorable?

star wars destiny card lukeWe’re looking to make the main Nationals event feel BIG this year. We’re hoping to wear everyone out on a huge day full of Swiss rounds and side events. It’s going to go late into the evening, well after we’ve wrapped up the Swiss and everyone who comes for the event won’t be forgetting it quickly!

As a part of the day, we’re inviting attendees to dress in their most awesome Star Wars cosplay, for a chance to win prizes and generally just be the most awesome people at the event!

We’ll also be live streaming tables all day and we really love to mix up just who’s going to be on camera, we don’t just concentrate on the top tables! If we see some cool players on the day with janky decks or sweet cosplay, you can expect to see them on camera at some point!

What advice would you give to newer players, or those who haven’t attended a large Destiny event before?

It doesn’t matter if you have a couple of starter decks or everything that’s ever been printed for the game, Nationals events are meant for everyone and are essentially days for celebrating an awesome game. You’ll get to see the best, worst, jankiest or most creative decks come out, you’ll meet cool new people and maybe pick up some awesome prizes or souvenirs that you weren’t expecting.

We’ll be doing a lot outside of the main event too, so if you’re feeling like you’ve played all the rounds of Destiny that you came for, you can join in on all the other awesome stuff going on!

Which Star Wars movie is your favourite and why?


Empire had the better ending. I mean, Luke gets his hand cut off, finds out Vader’s his father—uh, Han gets frozen and taken away by Boba Fett. It ends on such a down note. I mean, that’s what life is, a series of down endings. All Jedi had was a bunch of Muppets.

star wars destiny stormtroopers

Star Wars Destiny Nationals will be held on November 10-11. Details about the event are available here and you can register now via our Online Store

Images used in this article depict prizes for Nationals and come courtesy of Fantasy Flight Games.