Jaime Lawrence

by Jaime Lawrence

Hi Adrian! How did you get into game design? What were some games or designers that influenced you?

It started one evening in early 2013. My wife and I love to play games in the evening after the kids go to sleep. That night we played a game by a first time game designer that had a biography on the back and I simply asked my wife if I was to design a game what should it be about? She said “Architecture”. I took it as a challenge and started working on that architecture game, but soon after a whole bunch of other ideas started flooding my head.

I also got in touch with the Game Artisans of Canada and met with Daryl Andrews who was just starting his own journey into designing games and conveniently lived in the same city as I. Pretty soon we started meeting weekly to design and playtest games at a local game cafe.

Influence came from a bunch of games and designers that design family style games. These are the types of games that I enjoy playing. With work and a busy family life it’s tough to find time to play a game that lasts more than 45 minutes.

dice bag pano

Sagrada is a beautiful game that is easy to play, but offers fascinating choices. What inspired the game?

I started thinking about the 5 colour theorem (a theorem that I leaned about and had to prove in my math courses) and how I could make a game out it. I showed Daryl the idea and after he returned from a trip to Europe, where he visited the Sagrada Familia, the theme of making stained glass window seemed to fit the mechanic perfectly.

tmnt showdown pano IMG 2327

You worked on a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game – what differences were there working with someone else’s intellectual property, as opposed to something you created from scratch?

Initially we did create the game from scratch and it had a whole different theme. It was only after we sold the game to IDW that we were presented with the idea of turning it into a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game. So we re-worked it to fit the theme better and turned it into a more family friendly game that kids and parents could enjoy.

mine all mines 220pxMine all Mines is another of your games, recently released, with a wonderful presence on the table. How important is the look and feel of a game to you?

Mine all Mines is one of my wife’s favourite games and I think it’s attractive to families because of the look and feel. The type of family games I design require a certain look to grab everyone’s attention and a simple mechanic that everyone can understand. With Mine all Mines you have the gems and jewels that give it beauty and the simple mechanic of “the friend of a friend is also my friend” that everyone can relate to.

Do you have any more designs on the way that you can tell us about?

Certainly. Jungle Joust just hit stores and it is a game about betting on your favourite rider in a rhino jousting competition. There is also Before the Earth Explodes, a 2 player card game about being the first to escape (or save) Earth by fulfilling 1 of 4 win conditions that should be out soon and also our upcoming Speakeasy Blues that is a dice drafting/worker placement game about running a speakeasy in the 1920s. These were all co-designed with my partner in crime Daryl Andrews.

Adrian AdamescuIf people want to find out more about your games, where can they find you on the web?

I’m on Twitter, Adrian Adamescu (@aadrian131) and you can also find out more about my upcoming games on my BGG designer page.

Thank you for the questions.

You’re welcome – thank you for designing wonderful games!

You can find many of Adrian’s games, including Sagrada, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Showdown and Mine All Mines! in the Good Games Online Store!