“Having played at five or six different places while growing up, I went around, and around town… and what I found was quite disturbing. Every game store that I used to frequent was closed down. Not under new management, not moved across town – closed. Unfortunately, that’s generally the way of game stores. They open and then they close. For a variety of reasons, I’m sure, not the least of which being that it’s certainly harder (and more work) than it appears to be.

Given the rather morbid outlook for the typical game store, we put a lot of thought into what makes a store successful, what the larger issues are, and what we can do differently, so that when you visit one of our stores in ten years, it’s still there”

– Paul VanDerWerk, Co-Founder

Already have a store? Looking for ways to improve it? Good Games can offer tremendous benefits to existing businesses interested in joining the team. By combining your experience with our own, we can bring your customers (and the new customers you’ll make) an even better place to enjoy and shop for all their favourite games.

But what can you get with us that you can’t do yourself?

One of the founding principles of Good Games is that of longevity. We’re not looking to make a quick buck, we want to be a cornerstone of the community that is there for the gamers of today and tomorrow. Stability like this comes from working together and having others to share our load with. The Good Games team offers you a support network like no other; more than 30 people running stores right now; the experience of people who have worked in all aspects of the industry, from a graphic designer who makes game boards to people who have marketed and organised international organised play programs, we have people who can offer you help and advice in anything you want to try within the gaming industry.

There are other benefits too, from the intangible to the financial:

What’s so good about Good Games?

Being part of a team

Joining Good Games doesn’t cost you your individuality as a store, it connects you to a team of people working for joint success

Brand recognition

Good Games is an international chain of stores, as well as a publishing company. Our name is big in Australia and growing in the industry as a whole.

Group discounts

The buying power of 30+ stores is not insignificant – already in Australia, the group has achieved discounts from suppliers of Games Workshop, Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, Fantasy Flight Games and more!

Support network

If you don’t know where to start with something, we can help you. We have experts in organised play, single cards, social media, popular culture, retail and business who are just an email away.


We run brand-wide promotions and advertise through Board Game Geek, podcasts, social media and other avenues.

Singles access

Our singles collection is certainly the largest in Australia, possibly in the Southern Hemisphere and we buy aggressively to ensure that product is available for stores to order.


We regularly offer returns to stores in the group as part of promotions and website sales.

Graphic design

With two in-house Graphic Designers, Good Games stores always look welcoming and active to customers.

Industry opportunities

As the company has expanded in different directions, we’ve opened up new positions in the industry and filled them from with passionate staff members from our stores.

Tournament circuits and cross-store promotions

From neighbourly rivalry to brand-wide tournament circuits, there is always something going on between Good Games stores to drive further play and get more people through the door.

Paul and Steve

In the course of writing this page, we spoke to Steve, who recently went through the process of converting his bookshop into a Good Games to get his take on the experience:

“Never having been a gamer, it was the community who asked me about becoming a Good Games. It truly was an extremely easy conversion from my own store to joining the team and I’m happy about belonging to a new community with a greater knowledge base than just me”

– Steve, Coffs Harbour

Want to know more? Contact franchise@goodgames.com.au and let’s get the ball rolling.