Each year at Cherrybrook High in Sydney’s North West, gamers descend to spend a weekend battling it out with others in their favourite systems, including the largest tournament for The Hobbit: Strategy Battle Game in the Southern Hemisphere, along with two Warmachine & Hordes events, Star Wars: X-Wing, Infinity, Kings of War and the vaunted Warhammer 40,000 Junior Division.

Good Games has been the proud sponsor of the event for 2 years now and we’re proud to do so – bringing gaming to the youth of the world is a wonderful thing! This year, we’ve donated over $3000 to be used for Sportsmanship, Craftsmanship and skill awards in this vibrant, growing event!

We’ll be putting some pictures of the event out via Good Games Australia on Facebook or you can follow the action more closely by visiting http://cherrybrooktechadepts.com/ or following the Cherrybrook Technical Adepts on Facebook! If you’re in the neighbourhood, stop by and check it out! For now though, we expect a good, clean war and salute those who are about to fall in combat. May the best Titan win!