Each year, we’ve built upon what we’ve learned, and what you -the players-, love the most about the Good Games Championship, to continually make it bigger and better, year to year.

For Magic: The Gathering players, we’ve learned that players get most excited for big weekend events- things like Magic Fests and CanCon- unfortunately, a lot of those premium events only occur once a year.

In 2019, the Mythic Qualifier Weekends as well as Australia Magic Nationals were a huge success. At Good games, we wanted to make those kinds of events a staple of the Good Games Championship.

As such, in 2020, we have added both the good Games Premier Series and the Good Games Players Championship to the program for 2020- you can read more about each of these events below.

In 2020, we have adjusted much of how the Tiered Prize Support works- in addition to the below, there will be further rewards added throughout 2020 so players will always have something new to strive toward. 


Just like in previous years, whenever you play a sanctioned event in a Good Games store, you’ll accrue points in the Good Games Championship.

In addition, you can also accrue points when you play in a Good Games Magic Premier Series event!

Between January 1st and September 30th, you will receive 1 point for participation plus your match points for each event you play in. E.G.; It’s FNM at your favourite local Good Games store, and your record is 2-0-1. You would then score 8 points in the Good Games Championship- 6 for your two wins, 1 for your draw, and 1 for participation.

No matter how many sanctioned events you play in, you will always accumulate points. Of course, the prizes on offer reward players who regularly attend weekly events at Good Games.

Tiered Prize Structure

100 points: Qualification to your Good games Store Championship.

200 points: Qualification to Good Games Player’s Championship.

300 points: Free Entry to one Magic: The Gathering Prerelease.

500 points: $100 Singles Voucher for the Good Games Singles Website.

600 points: Free entry into Magic Fest.

700 points: Booster Box of any current standard set.

Remember, in the Good Games Championship, you don’t “spend” your points. The number of points you have simply “unlock” new prizes. E.G.; When you reach 500 points and redeem your $100 singles voucher, you remain on 500 points- and only 100 points to go for your free Magic Fest entry!

This is just the skeleton of the prizes you’ll be able to redeem throughout 2020- more prizes at other points thresholds will be added across the year.

Looking for Good Games events near you? You can find them all on our Events Calendar


Good Games Store Championship

Once you have 100 points, you’ll qualify to play in the Store Championship at your local Good Games store.

The Store Championships are a fun and friendly way to get together with the rest of the Good Games community and battle it out to be crowned Champion of your store for 2020.

These events will run across all our stores on the weekend of October 24th/25th.

Unlike previous years where you can only play in the store that your accumulated your points, in 2020, you can play in any number of Store Championships at any of our Good Games stores- but if you win one, then you’re not eligible to play in further Store Championship events.

Good Games Store Championships

Date: 24th & 25th October 2020

Requirements: 100 points to Qualify

Entry Fee: $20

Format: Local stores choice, Swiss format + Top 8

Prize Structure:

  • Winner: Crowned Store Champion, and will have their name immortalised on that stores Store Championship plaque. Qualifies for Good Games Players Championship, receives Free entry to that store’s FNM each week and one Pre-Release event per standard set for the following 12 months.
  • Additional Prizes: there will be a prize pool of 6 boosters per player in the event. Each player will win a minimum of 3 boosters.

Good Games Premier Series

As part of the Good Games Championships and in conjunction with Wizards of the Coast, we are adding the  Good Games Premier Series.

These big weekend events will allow players to accumulate points toward the Good Games Championship. There are no restrictions or qualifications in order to participate- anyone can play!

These gatherings of powerful Magic-users will take place at off-site venues around the country where you can earn big cash prizes, plus invitations to the Magic: The Gathering Player’s Tour!

In 2020, there will be six Premier Series weekends:

  • 7th & 8th March: MELBOURNE, Coburg Town Hall
  • 4th & 5th April: ADELAIDE, Dom Polksi Club
  • 23rd & 24th May: SYDNEY, Petersham Town Hall
  • 27th & 28th June: BRISBANE/GOLD COAST, venue TBC
  • 15th &16th August: SYDNEY, Marrickville Town Hall
  • 12th & 13th September: MELBOURNE, Coburg Town Hal

Each day of these events will have an invite to the Magic: the Gathering Player’s Tour for first prize. In addition, there will be multiple side events on each day- so whether you’re a competitive player looking to carve out your next steps, or just someone who loved Magic, the Good Games Premier Series will have something for you!

Good Games Premier Series

Entry Fee: $60 for each main event.

Format: Standard; Pioneer; Modern. Swiss rounds + Top 8 (check each event closer to the date for the format). 

Prize Structure for each main event:

1st Prize: Player’s Tour Invite + $1000 cash

2nd Prize: 4 Booster Boxes

3rd/4th Prize: 2 Booster Boxes

5th-8th Prize: 1 Booster Box

Additional Prizes:

Top 16: Qualify for Good Games Magic Championships Event held in Sydney 28th & 29th November.

Top 32: Foil Promo 

Tickets for each event will go on sale 30 days prior to each Premier Series weekend.

The Side Event programme will include various formats, please check each Premier Series’ programme to see what’s on.

Each Premier Series will host a Commander Zone- so if high stakes events aren’t for you, the Premier Series Weekends are great to test out your new Commanders against players from all over the country.

Good Games Player’s Championship

In 2020, the Good Games Championship Series will culminate in a big celebratory weekend in which we will determine the best of the best, and celebrate our favourite game and our fantastic community.

This event- the Good Games Player’s Championship-, will run over 2 days and feature 12 rounds of Magic, followed by a cut to Top 8.

The event will be broken into rounds of both constructed (format to be announced), and Booster Draft, for which packs will be provided.

The Good Games Players Championship is an invite-only event, open to the following competitors:

  • The Good Games Championship 2019 Winner: Patrick McGucken.
  • Winners of the Good Games Store Championships.
  • Top 16 competitors of any Good Games Premier Series Event.
  • Players with 200 points in the Good Games Championship.

Venue: Marrickville Town Hall, Sydney

Date: 28th & 29th November 2020

Entry Fee: $100

Format: 6 rounds Constructed 6 rounds Booster Draft + Top 8 playoff

Prize Structure:

  • Winner: Crowned Good Games Champion 2020, Qualifies for Good Games Players Championship 2021, Pro Tour Invite + $2000 Cash
  • 2nd: Pro Tour Invite + 1000 cash
  • 3rd/4th: Pro Tour Invite + $500 cash
  • 5th-8th: 1 Booster Box

Additional Prizes:

Top 128: Foil Promo.

Like each of the Good Games Premier Series events, the Good Games Player’s Championship will also host a full side event program and a Commander Zone. This big gala weekend will be home to plenty of other surprises- so stay tuned to Good Games on social media for all upcoming announcements.

Tickets for the Good Games Player’s Championship will go on sale 30 days prior to the event. 

HERE’S TO 2020!

Here at Good Games, we couldn’t be more excited to bring you Australia’s premium Organised Play experience for Magic: The Gathering.

It’s our aim to support all parts of the community, and we hope to see you in our stores and at our Premier Series events throughout the year.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to each out to us directly via email

We are so excited for the 2020 Good Games Championship, and we hope you’re all eager to take this journey with us.