Brian Holland

by Brian Holland

When I first met Isaac Egan, I couldn’t tell if he liked me.

Turned out that he did.

I wouldn’t have called us close, at least not right off the bat. He was an ever-present force of positivity and wholesome humour within a group of Magic-grinding value hounds I’d come to call my friends.

But after some months, maybe a year, it became clear to me what most of everyone else already knew: Isaac was not only a pillar of the Australian Magic community, he was quite possibly the most selfless and caring member of our merry gang of Bad Boys.

This was back in 2011, and over the following years, Isaac would routinely help me with friendships, relationships and to understand my emotions, depression and anxiety. Despite the fact that he is a psychologist (and from what I understand, gets paid to be one, too), he never made me, or anyone else, feel as if asking for his expertise was a burden.

Isaac has, and will always, be there to help those in need.

Then he got some bad news. His Mother, Susan, had cancer. This was the third time, and the doctors had told her that at this point, it was really just a matter of time.

Isaac asked his mum if she had a bucket list, but the only thing on it was to “go on all the fast rides.” So Isaac started a GoFundMe campaign to raise some money to take his mum on a family holiday to the Gold Coast so she could do just that.

The news of a loved one with cancer is always heartbreaking. I felt like it was especially unjust to happen to Susan and her family, so two weeks ago, we at Good Games Melbourne decided to do what we could to help the Egan’s during this difficult time.

Good Games Melbourne hosted a charity tournament and auction. The format was 7-Point Aussie Highlander, Isaac’s favorite, and a format he’s been championing for many years. We had 20 people out to play, and were happy with all the friends and members of the community who came together to donate items to the auction, as well as prizes for the top 8 of the event.

In the end, we raised just shy of $600 to help get Susan up to the Gold Coast so she can go on all those fast rides. Isaac said that anything raised in excess of his GoFundMe goal would be donated to the Cancer Council.

If it wasn’t already, it became clear on the day just how many people view Isaac as an important member of the community, and it was fantastic to see them all dig deep to help, as well as play some extremely quality games of Magic.

I speak for both the community, and the many members of the Good Games family across the globe who know Isaac personally, when I say how heart-warming it was to see our beloved Magic players come together and support one of our own who was in need.

Personally, it was about as Magical as this game can get.

(If you’d liked to donate to Isaac’s GoFundMe, you can do so here)