What’s the Good Games Championship?

The GGC is an ongoing event across all Good Games stores in Australia and the United States which allows players to accrue points for every event they play for both Yu-Gi-Oh! and Magic: The Gathering.

In 2019, these points went toward redeeming a wide range of prizes, from deck boxes and playmats, to event entry for conventions like PAX and Supanova.

These prizes are always in addition to the prizes from the events you play in. If you’ve played a Magic or Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament at a Good Games, then you’ve participated!

What’s familiar in 2020?

If you’ve played in the Good Games Championship in 2019, the structure of the series going into 2020 will be familiar to you:

  • Play sanctioned matches in store and accrue points.
  • Unlock prizes & invitations to special events as your points increase. All prizes will be detailed in early 2020.
  • Qualify for your Store Championship and immortalise your name on the store plaque.

What’s new in 2020?

When the new Good Games Championship begins on January 1st, it will run parallel to a new series of events Magic events called The Good Games Premier Series.

The Good Games Premier Series are Magic: The Gathering tournaments which will occur across several cities, and are open to all players- that’s right, you do not need to qualify or have a prerequisite number of points to play in these events,

In 2020, there will be six Good Games Premier Series weekends.

Each Good Games Premier Series weekend will have two distinct tournaments that each offer invites to the Player’s Tour as major prizes.

Even if scoring an invite to the most prestigious Magic tournament isn’t your idea of a good time, you’ll still want to check out the Good Games Premier Series, as playing in it will also net you points toward the Good Games Championship back at your home store.

The top 16 from each of the Good Games Premier Series events will also score invites to the Good Games Players Championship.

What’s that, you ask?

The Good Games Players Championship

In 2020, the Good Games Magic Championship will culminate in a massive, invite-only event called The Good Games Players Championship.

The Good Games Players Championships is a Magic event held across two days, will offer a wide range of prizes, and for Magic, will also offer invites to the Player’s Tour.

How do you qualify for the Good Games Players Championship?

  • Win a Good Games Store Championship
  • Accrue 200 points in the Good Games Championship
  • Make the Top 16 at a Good Games Premier Series event

Here’s To 2020!

There’s still more to come, including our exciting plans for the Yu-Gi-Oh! side of the Good Games Championship.

In the new year, The Good Games Championship is shaping up to be the best it’s ever been- more events, more prizes, and more reasons to continue doing your favourite thing: Playing the game you love at your favourite local Good Games store!

Here’s to 2020! We’ll see you at Good Games.

Glenn Doyle,
Good Games Organised Play Co-Ordinator