About Good Games Indianapolis

Good Games Indianapolis is in the heart of downtown Indy. We strive to create a relaxed atmosphere that is welcoming to new board gamers, dabblers, and seasoned vets that are sick of the curmudgeonly attitudes of old. We are an LGBTQ & women led store, that specializes in games off the beaten path, particularly small indie and Kickstarter backed games. We do, however, have all of the staples you'd come to expect in any game store, so you'll never feel like a fish out of water. We work with local and other independent creators to sell unique dice bags, life counters, pronoun pins, and more. There's even a large catalog of Magic: The Gathering singles, easily accessible via our computer kiosk. We've got something for everyone - gamer and non-gamer alike, and our company motto is "You Are Welcome Here"!